Chapter 2010 Can Only See and Cannot Eat

Eric turned his head slowly and remained silent after the phone call.

No matter how much Quinn cried or complained, Eric kept quiet.

Quinn gradually understood Eric’s attitude, so she lowered her voice and sobbed.


The next day.

The sunlight shone on Nicole’s face through the curtains.

Nicole slowly opened her eyes.

She had a good dream last night.

Nicole subconsciously reached out her hand and felt a muscular arm next to her.

She paused and looked back.

Clayton was still sleeping next to her.

He slept so soundly that even her disturbance did not wake him up.

It was obvious that Clayton had not slept well for a long time.

Nicole instantly felt heartbroken.

Clayton frowned slightly. He seemed to be dreaming.

Nicole reached out and touched his face. His handsome face was a little thinner.

She sighed and cuddled next to him.

After she woke up, her lungs felt much better, and she did not cough as much.

It was probably the medicine taking effect.

She only had a slight
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Lee Reigns
So u making it to a point where u intentionally make Eric the bad guy although he’s trying his best to make up for something that Nicole wanted and tricked him into marriage now blame him for her misfortune.
goodnovel comment avatar
Trace Gaskin
It finally got interesting again. Is she ever going to find out about the real Clayton? I hate Eric! Clayton should have dropped his behind overboard. Can we do better than two chapters a day?
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
I am only hanging on, because I wanted Eric and Nichole to get back together, but appears this will not happen. So why keep reading ?!!

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