Chapter 10

Katie breathed deeply as she exited the hall, letting the cold air fill her lungs. It hurt, but the pain didn't match the feeling inside. 

'Why is this happening?' she asked herself. 

A couple kissing on the steps ignored her as she sank to the floor beside them, unable to hold herself up. The hormones of the entwined couples overwhelming lust wafted up to her nose, making her feel so much worse. 

'Why can't it ever be me?' she wondered. 'What is so wrong with me? I just want to be consumed by an overpowering feeling of love that isn't so freaking unrequited.'

The mixture of loneliness, jealousy and despair churned in her stomach, making her physically sick. 

 "Ahhhhh!" she cried out loud, earning her a funny look from the couple who scarpered soon after. Somehow, sitting on the step by herself wasn't any better.<

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