Alpha Kilgrayne

Alpha Kilgrayne

By:  Anrose Amillie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katie is an Omega - beautiful but almost powerless. Her brother—Theon Kilgrayne—is the strongest Alpha in her pack but has never shown an interest in leading until the beautiful and alluring Devlin shows up. She falls in love with the newcomer immediately, but Theon will only give him permission to date her if she agrees to undertake a dangerous mission. She has no choice but to use herself as bait to capture the leader of the vampires, but will the mysterious Devlin be worth the risk?

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Definitely interesting and I'd like to see where it's going. I've been keeping an eye out for new chapters, they've been coming out slowly. Maybe the progress is faster somewhere else?
2022-07-02 09:25:48
25 Chapters
Part 1
'Theon Kilgrayne.' 'An alpha with a unique skillset and immunity to a vampire's powers—feared by his enemies and valued by his pack. A merciless killer. A natural leader. And... my cousin.' As Katie peered through the slats of his wardrobe, she wished she had been born into another family. Any other family would do. Being the cousin of the strongest, most vicious Alpha in the pack might sound like an advantage, but she knew the truth. At eighteen years old, not only was she a mateless virgin, but she'd yet to even kiss a boy. Or a girl, for that matter. Despite being considered the most beautiful Omega her peers had seen in decades--according to her friends at least—she had never dated. She'd watched her friends pair off and dreamed of being in love—of forming that special bond with her mate. The problem was—none of her potential mating partners would dare so much as look at her.
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Part 2
Katie paused for a moment, lost in her thoughts, before dashing to answer the doorbell. She pulled the door with so much force the knocker rebounded and made her best friend yelp in surprise. "What's gotten into you?" Haley cried with a frown. "Calm down your biceps, Super Girl." "Sorry... I had too much coffee," Katie admitted. She'd drank an entire pot while waiting for the boys to arrive—a decision she'd regretted once trapped inside the closet without a toilet. "In fact... I need a wee. Be right back!" After speeding to the toilet, she returned to find Haley in the kitchen fixing herself a drink. The smell of cheap instant coffee filled her nose. Haley turned and looked up sheepishly as Katie entered. "You said coffee so..." "So you had to have coffee," she finished with a smile. "It's okay. You can make yourself at home here." 
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Part 3
"How could this happen?!" The veins in her father's neck stood out as he swept the breakfast dishes from the table with his thick forearm. Jade blinked away droplets of milk from her eyelashes, frozen in horror as a waterfall of plates, cereal, and glasses crashed to the floor. "I, uh, I d—don't—" Jason stammered, shaking his head. He reminded Jade of one of those rickety old ventriloquist dummies as his teeth chattered, struggling to explain something he couldn't have foreseen. 'But you foresaw it, didn't you?' Jades’ conscience whispered. 'You saw it coming and you never said a word.' Jade hung her head. 'Because I'm to blame for this,' she concluded. "You won't be able to beat him," her father was saying, pacing through the shards of broken china. "That boy is a monster. Even if we fought him four on o
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Part 4
Jade's mind raced, filling with questions that had no answers. Why would he want her as a mate? Was he simply teasing her? Would he really let her brother live?  What would it be like... to be his mate? Her eyes ran over his form, taking in his shape. He was tall and solidly built—muscular with long limbs. And it wasn't just his human form that was oversized—his wolf was immense. A monster among monsters.  What would it be like to mate with him? The thought brought a blush to her cheeks. She pictured him naked, pressing against her, his sharp teeth and hot breath bearing down on her neck. "Well?" he pressed. "Do we have a deal or not?" Without thinking any further, Jade nodded. She would do anything to save her brother, but in that instant, it wasn't saving Jason that spurred her to action.  'Do I want to be
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Part 5
The group were deathly quiet as they walked home, but it wasn't an ordinary silence. It felt almost as if there was a weight to it. Or some other tangible element. Even the birds and squirrels were keeping their distance. Theon had remained behind with the elder members of the council. Katie figured he was either going to lay down the law or transform and eat them. He wasn't one to be bossed about by people with what he called 'borrowed power.' His power was real; backed up by teeth and claws. He would not give an inch to anyone weaker than himself, which included pretty much everyone. Alexander had been smart enough to figure this out and had left him to his own devices, never once giving him an order.  Theon challenging Jason's leadership was a shock to just about everyone else, but not to Katie. She knew there was no way he would live under the rule of a guy his own age. Especially not a stuck-up prick like Jason. Alexander wasn't gr
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Part 6
The silence that fell over the hall as the last straggler departed was deafening. Jade heels clicked over the hardwood floor, making an echo that alerted Theon's attention. As he turned to face, her she froze on the spot—a deer in headlights. 'A deer,' she thought. 'I'm one of the strongest Alpha's in this pack, and he makes me feel like prey.' A shiver ran down her spine as he approached slowly, placing steps carefully as if stalking her—as if he knew the effect he was having on her body. Her knees were like jelly when his feet bumped against hers. He loomed over her, face still puckered with marks from the transformation. The veins on his neck stood out, throbbing with the slow and steady beat of his heart. He wasn't excited or afraid—but entirely at ease. For a horrible moment, as he stared without blinking, she couldn't remember the words she wished t
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Part 7
'What's going on here?' Katie screwed up her face in defiance. "I'm making spicy chicken wraps. What does it look like?" She stiffened but tried to hold her ground as Theon approached, aware of what was coming. He'd place a hand on her neck and gently squeeze, maintaining constant pressure that became too much to bear. Eventually, the pain would be too great, and she would apologize for fear of having her collarbone crushed. "No, no, no," she argued, feeling his bony fingers poke at her. He'd never hurt her, not intentionally, but he didn't let her 'sass' him, as he put it.  "What's with this attitude? Hmm?" he asked. "Don't you know you're talking to the Alpha Prime?" "Sorry, Sir," she uttered, rolling her eyes. She turned to face him, slipping away from his grasp. "I'm proud of you. Really. I'm making dinner to celebrate." "Hmm." Theon flashed
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Part 8
Jade smiled, hoping Katie would be happy to hear the news, but something told her the situation was bound to become strained. Haley had always welcomed her presence, but she sensed a prickle of jealousy from Katie, as though she wanted Haley all for herself.  "Wow, you and Theon?" Katie's eyes widened. "I never pictured you two together in a million years." "Seriously?" Haley cried. "I've been sensing the sexual tension between that pair for years." "Oh," Haley cried, looking down at her phone. "They're throwing a party tonight to celebrate Theon's leadership." "Oh geez, that's cringy." Katie rolled her eyes. "What are they going to do, change the name on the banner from Jason to Theon?" Jade laughed. Katie might be a bit thorny at times, but she never failed to brighten her mood with her sarcastic insights.  She felt herself stiffen as the males de
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Chapter 9
Haley watched as Katie pulled the clothes from the pile she'd provided, desperate to find something that would grab Delvin's attention.  Devlin. Bloody Devlin. He was all she heard about lately. It had gotten to the point where Haley was sick of hearing the name. Yes, he was unusually attractive with his icy eyes and little beauty spot, and he did seem like an interesting guy... 'Oh geez, don't tell me it's rubbing off on me?' Haley panicked quietly. She tried to push his image out of her brain as Katie prattled on about how evil Theon was for standing in the way of her love life.  "He touched my hand. I told you, right?" Katie looked up at her.  Haley nodded. She'd only told her seventeen times.  "I mean, I'm not crazy," Katie went on. "Why would he do that if he didn't like me back?" "I don't know," Haley said evenly as she pick
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Chapter 10
Katie breathed deeply as she exited the hall, letting the cold air fill her lungs. It hurt, but the pain didn't match the feeling inside.  'Why is this happening?' she asked herself.  A couple kissing on the steps ignored her as she sank to the floor beside them, unable to hold herself up. The hormones of the entwined couples overwhelming lust wafted up to her nose, making her feel so much worse.  'Why can't it ever be me?' she wondered. 'What is so wrong with me? I just want to be consumed by an overpowering feeling of love that isn't so freaking unrequited.' The mixture of loneliness, jealousy and despair churned in her stomach, making her physically sick.   "Ahhhhh!" she cried out loud, earning her a funny look from the couple who scarpered soon after. Somehow, sitting on the step by herself wasn't any better.
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