Chapter 21

The stairs creaked under their feet as Haley followed Devlin up to Theon's room. It was bigger and neater than she'd expected and a whole lot larger than Katie's room. His belongings were stacked neatly in a dark wood bookcase that matched his wardrobe and dresser.

His bed, however, had a sturdy metal frame. It creaked as Devlin took a seat atop the perfectly tucked black sheets.

Feeling a growing sense of dread, Haley shifted nervously before deciding it was best to turn the computer chair and perch. It was better than sitting on the bed next to him.

Devlin laughed at her. "Come here."

He patted the space next to his bum.

"Why?" she asked. 

"Because I told you to." He smiled sweetly. "Do as you're told."

Fighting the urge to argue, she stood and took a seat next to him on the bed, albeit not as close as he'd indicated.


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