A/N: Hello, thank you for being with me until the end. This is not my first series installment, but this is my first series that reach from the last page of the paper. This is the last chapter of the story of Chaldene and Rezoir, thank you for being with them :) the next chapter will be posted are the point of view of our male lead and a special chapter about their son. Thank you.


Sounds of the crashing waves of the ocean. Were now in hacienda Tacata, it was still early. Before, I'm waking up like this, at same the time as now. Suddenly the warmest blanket was been covered at my shoulder.

"You're up early." my husband in his white pajama, and a white tight v-neck shirt. I smiled at him. Agad akong sumandal sa kanya, mas niyakap naman niya ako.

"Hindi na kasi ako dinalaw ng antok, that's why I decided to go here."

"How the talk with your grandfather?" upon opening that topic. The sudden deep talk with my grandfather crossed my mind.

"I'm planning to give the company in
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