Tied By His Tie

Once Kruz had left me on Conrad's door, I heard his loud grunt to let me know that I was invited in. I entered the room and was quickly mortified to see him in his boxers only. He didn't flinch but I was scared for my life. I had already seen his abs even when I had shut my eyes down the instant I realized he was shirtless.

I hurriedly turned my face down and gulped. What were his intentions?

"Lock the door." He ordered very calmly. My body had begun to feel numb in terror. I had been sheltered from the outside world since I was a child, they always told me that I was supposed to be protected because I was their last hope. Now that I was in a room with an Alpha, whose mood swings had no limits, I felt like being betrayed by the entire world.

I did what he said and soon we were alone in a locked room. The only lights were the white led's around the roof.

"You blew up such a big chance." He stated, it didn't seem like he aimed to wear a shirt anytime soon. He was standing in front of the mirror to comb his wet hair. I could see the muscles in his back and the abs in the mirror.

People had said a lot of things about how handsome he was, and even though I was in a very bad situation, I could still agree with them.

"You either put others before you or you are just naive." him dropping the brush on the dressing table startled me and I bet he noticed it too, "And very scared." He declared, taking steps closer to me.

"You have really not learned from your previous experience with your coven when they ditched you?" he tilted his face and once noticed that I had drowned my face down, he hunched down with his hands on his knees to look me directly in the eye. As he raised his beautiful eyes up to look through his arch eyebrows, I felt my heart sinking in my chest.

I remained intact with my hands tied in front of my body. As he kept staring at my face for the next few minutes in silence, I gulped right in front of his eyes.

"Tell me, how many spells do you know?" Conrad straightened his back and stood right in front of my face while he waited for my response.

I had no idea what to say to him but in response to his question, I lifted my eyes and lowered them again.

"I'm waiting!" a sigh left his lips with the words and I knew he was getting impatient.

"I have been taught to learn many by heart but it doesn't matter since I don't have any magic in me." I humbly replied with my eyes still lurking on the floor. I couldn't raise my face and meet eyes with his, giving him another chance to get mad at me.

"Hmm, since you have been prepared by your coven for your initiation ceremony, you must have come to known many witches and warlocks." His questions were different. Unlike Kruz, Conrad didn't focus on his se*ual desires, at least not for now.

But what did confuse me was his interest in magic.

I lowered my face and sighed, "I have heard about some of them but I never got to meet them, since Alpha King had banished the ones that were actively practicing magic, we never got to meet each other ." I wasn't lying to him. If he wanted to know the truth about the witches, he should ask his father since he had kicked us out and the rest unlike us had been forced to live a life without their magic.

"Hm!" he was looking around, thinking about something when I raised my eyes and noticed him so confused and lost.

"Have you ever heard of a seer?" He stepped back and walked near his nightstand, picking up a bottle of wine he had left there.

Not something I wanted this beast to drink from. He was already confusing in his sober form, I wondered what kind od twisted games he would play once he is drunk.

"Yes! I have heard about them." I was only answering what he was asking, not giving out unnecessary details.

"Heard about them only," he repeated after me and then let out a breath.

"You must know a spell to summon a seer then." He chugged through the bottle, facing away from me.

I was trying to pick up his intentions behind these questions but I couldn't reach a conclusion.

"I know the spell but I don't think it will work even if I do it." now that he had his back facing me, I could clearly observe him.

"Hmm!" he left the wine from where he had picked it up and walked towards his study table, taking out a notepad and a pen. I watched him heading towards his closet from where he took out his ties and that was when my brain started to alert me.

Once he reached me again, he left the ties and the book on the floor and slid a chair behind me.

"Sit down," he ordered, picking up the ties. As I did what he said, he began to tie my one hand behind my back with the chair. I've started to panic a little at this point, whatever he was doing wasn't something to end peacefully.

He then proceeded to tie my right elbow with the chair behind but left my hand open. He then sat down to tie my feet and that made him kneel down to my lap.

He had tied my each foot to the chair's foot, ceasing my body from getting up from that chair.

The right hand he had only tied from the arm could hardly reach forward. He then went back to his study table and dragged the desk in front of me, placing the notepad in the range where I could reach it with my right hand only.

"Now, you will write down all the versions of the spells to summon a seer." He bent down on the table from the other side and waved the pen in my face, "By the morning, I want them all here in this notepad and if you failed to do so, your punishment will be even worse." He glared at me right through my eyes and then adjusted the pen between my fingers.

"Do as I say and I might delay the day to your punishment." He gently slammed his palms against the table but kept his eyes at mine.

I was baffled at his demand. The Alpha King Uziel of the Dark Shine Pack had made it crystal clear that there was no place for a witch or any warlock in their country. The city I was residing in was even strict in these matters since the alpha king himself lived here.

"I'll keep my eye on you, so make sure your fingers don't stop." He straightened his back and waited until I nodded and began to write down the first-ever spell I've been taught by my coven. After my dedication to the work, he had given me, caught his interest, he went back to his bed and laid down there with his eyes on me. I was tied right in front of his bed, facing him.

I did begin writing but soon a weird feeling of uneasiness began to engulf me.

What am I doing?

How can I betray my coven my handling over these soon-to-be alpha magic spells? They banished us and now they wanted our spells? Was he going to summon the seers through me to hurt them?

I know that there were versions of books of magic that were missing but the ones that we had were the only ones that contained spells to summon a seer.

There were countless queries and the person who had the answers had begun to fall asleep. I ceased writing and lifted my face to see him fully falling into a slumber.

Is keeping the spells safe worth my life?

I did try to do everything for them but my own coven left me tied up to that tree for the wolves.

I had only been here for a day and the sleep deprivation, the injuries, and the starvation had started to take a toll on me.

My eyes felt even heavy whenever I made an attempt to stay awake. And just like that, I had soon fallen into a deep slumber.


My body jolted awake at the loudest grunt ever. I looked around in panic and fright to see what was going on, my eyes landed on The Future Alpha, he was growling and grunting in his sleep.

After blinking the sleep away, I was able to see clearly, I was able to perceive that he was having a nightmare.

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