Strange Questions

I hated being right about certain things, and the whole ‘bonding’ thing was indeed the thing I feared most! He was looking at me expectantly for an explanation as to why I wasn’t willing to bond with him now, after making him wait before. I was nervous about giving him my answer. Part of me felt the truth was best, but I wasn’t sure how he would take it. Would he get angry at me? Be understanding? Abusive? It scared me, thinking he wasn’t as nice as he seemed before.

“I just… we don’t know one another much yet,” I whispered. My throat felt dry, and I wished I hadn’t said what I just said. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to get angry or anything. He never did. Rather, he offered me a confused look of his own. “W-what?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t you feel it?” He asked. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Feel what, exactly.

I looked at him in question and shook my head. “Feel what?” I asked, as confused as he was with me.

Jay blinked slowly, then rubbed his chin in thought. He stayed silent for quite some time before he finally asked me another question, “have you ever heard another voice, one not your own, even when you’re alone?”

I shot him a perplexed look. What did he mean? A voice not mine, even if I was alone? Did he think I was insane? I mean, I agreed to marry someone I didn’t know, so that was a moot point. Still, I slowly shook my head at his question.

With a long, low hum, Jay stood up from the bed. “This needs patience then,” he mumbled quietly before offering my head a gentle touch. “You’re destined to be mine, but I’ll give you the space you need right now. I need to think things over for a bit first, so get some rest. I’ll hold off on introductions for now, but I’ll be back with food soon.”

“O-oh, okay,” I replied with a slow nod of my head. His words still confused me, yet the fact that he was once more treating me like property annoyed me. For now, I kept quiet. I was in a strange place, with no one to turn to if I needed to flee from him. I wasn’t sure how long I could stay silent about his treatment of me, however. Eventually, I would snap. I needed to figure out how to make my way around the place before that happened.

As soon as he had left the room, I could hear him head down the hall. He didn’t go far, so I couldn’t leave without him seeing me. I sighed and headed to the window, looking outside. I could see people there, each one curious about the new woman in their little village. Well, it felt like one. I wasn’t sure if it was. I pursed my lips as a few who passed by looked up into the window. They seemed happy enough.

The sound of Jay pacing outside was rather loud. He seemed to mumble to himself, though I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Maybe he was on the phone or something? Perhaps complaining to my parents about my lack of interest? Though could he blame me? Really? I sighed and once more set my gaze to the window to people-watch. There was no way I could climb down from this height, especially not without breaking a nail. Or getting my knees scraped.

‘Well, he can’t lock me up here, and I don’t think he plans to,’ I think to myself as a few kids stop and gaze up at me. They look excited, but after a brief moment, some adults chase them off. They seem to follow Jay’s orders to leave me alone. So there is that. Maybe trying to get to know everyone would have been better?

I give up on trying to figure out the best way out of this place and watching the residents. From the area I could see from where I am, all I could see were more trees and houses. There didn’t seem to be much of anything here unless the bulk of the town was on the other side.

After less than half an hour, I hear Jay’s footsteps head back to the room. With an excited swing, he opens the door and says, “we should go on a honeymoon, just the two of us! Not now, of course, but in a couple of days? What do you think?”

I blink at him, startled by his sudden wish to go on a honeymoon and by how cheerful he is. “Um, I suppose? Married couples do that, so it isn’t unusual,” I offer. “Can we go to the seaside?” I propose the question. I have a place in mind, so if I need to run, I’ll know where I am.

“We can, sure,” Jay says. I have to admit, he is as excitable as a puppy. It’s almost endearing. I mentally clear my thoughts of any such notions. There’s no reason for me to think Jay is sweet and innocent. At least not yet.

I offer my usual practiced smile I always give the media, then say, “then let’s go to Sunshine Bay. They have the best hotels and shopping spots there, and they’re right on the sandy beaches!”

Jay remains ever the cheerful one, however, as he practically leaps the distance between us and takes my hands into his own. “That’ll be nice! We don’t leave this place for much, but if it’ll help ease you into things, I’ll do my best!” He chirps, leaning down and pecking me on the cheek. “I’ll go make the arrangements now,” he then states, turning around and heading back out of the room again.

I feel bewildered by the interactions with the man. Why is he trying so hard to settle me in? Aren’t I just property to him? A trophy wife or whatever they call them? A pretty arm-candy and nothing more? I shake my head and let out a small sigh. This man is so strange to me. I’m not used to people like him at all.

Everyone that comes from wealth in the city is quiet and reserved, like my parents. I’ve always been told to act that way, too. Yet Jay isn’t like that at all. At least, not now. He was around my parents, but maybe he was just nervous then, and he isn’t now?

I’m unsure, but if this is the real him, then maybe I’ve nothing to worry about after all?

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