Chapter 17 No One Can Disobey Me

His face looked colder, and he took a step towards her. Everly immediately backed away with every step he took, closer to her. She then stood still, and her body trembled slightly from the tension.

“Don’t come near!” she cried.

However, he did not stop.

She was forced to retreat step by step, and he quickly approached her with a sullen face, cornering her.

Her back came in contact with the cold wall, and there was no room to make a further retreat.

“Everly, in this world, no one can threaten me!” He pushed her against the corner, and his voice came from above her like rumbling thunder.

Everly raised her eyes to look at him and saw that his eyes were calm with determination as if he had definite control over her!

She hated the look that he was giving her!

She hated this feeling!

He had been looking at her this way since the day she stepped into the Baxter family, and she liked it. She was intoxicated, and it was fatal; now, she had no way out.

After four years of imprisonment,
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