Chapter Fifty-Two

I watched from inside the shower as Brodryn stripped out of his clothes and stalked across the floor towards me, stepping into the shower and closing the curtain behind him, immediately the temperature rising from the heat he naturally generated. I stayed under the water and made sure I was fully wet before I switched positions with him, both of us careful not to touch one another just yet, the mutual restriction just adding to the building tension. While he got himself wet I made sure to soap every inch of my body, taking my time and shivering from the low rumble emitting from Brodryns chest as he watched me.

Once more we switched positions as I rinsed the soap from my body and he scrubbed his skin. I took my time, making sure my hands were slow and methodical as they ran all over my body, watching him with eyes glowing with my dragon and licking my lips as I watched him wrap his hand around his hard length and stoke himself a groan leaving his lips as my hand teased and played with
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