"ENOUGH, Sandra. Can you just. . . just mind your own? Stop making me guilty all the time." But Sandra just asked him if he had eaten yet. 


"Just. . . stop. I hate you but it doesn't mean I don't care." He whispered. "Just take care of yourself. Don't mind me, I can take care of my own."

With that, he left Sandra in the kitchen. A week after she was hospitalized, she felt that the man was treating her better every day. She didn’t know if she would be happy or not because there seemed to be something wrong.

 When Denver asked her why she was rushed to the hospital she said she was just exhausted.

'See what happened? Stop going to bed late at night just to wait for me. I can't take care of you, so take care of yourself.' 

"Ma'am Sandra. Please eat." 

"Do you think there's any hope that Denver's mind can be enlightened? I'm not here just because I want to have a family on my own but to seek love too." Emm

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