Dealing With Her Ruthless Husband

Dealing With Her Ruthless Husband

By:  Leanna_Avys  Ongoing
Language: English
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Denver Ybarra is handsome, hot COO of their company. Women is obsessed with him and one of it is Sandra De Luna. Denver was forced to married in order for him to have the company. Sandra De Luna is beautiful and a hard-working woman. She was the chosen wife of Denver Ybarra. Upon knowing that, she felt excited and happy. Sandra thought that being married to him is a dream come true, she's definitely wrong. Her life is so miserable to his husband's hand. Denver is ruthless and making Sandra's life living in hell. After realizing that this is not the life she wanted and not the life she deserves, she left her husband. Denver, on the other hand, just realize what he truly feels like is the same time Sandra leave him. If Sandra is determined to stay away from her husband, where did she go and how far did she hide so that Denver can't find her? If Denver is also determined to find his wife, how far can he go to search for her knowing that his wife is pregnant?

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Rejan arvee Balisacan
Good thing I found this book. So interesting.
2022-10-23 16:07:40
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Analia Faith
2022-10-09 08:25:03
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Wow, keep updating author. Looking forward for more stories.
2022-09-22 13:16:28
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Vicky Shen
Interesting! Please update! Can't wait to read more!
2022-09-07 17:31:31
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very interesting
2022-08-02 13:19:29
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got hook with the story kaya kahit nosebleed na, sige pa rin...
2022-08-01 12:54:43
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Rona Doctorr
ang ganda po ng kwento ...️
2022-07-31 17:58:15
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Chrysnah May
The story is interesting. keep it up
2022-07-28 19:33:11
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Carmen Lovins
nice story keep it up.
2022-07-28 19:29:08
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Steff Rojo
Gandaa gagsti
2022-06-14 19:41:23
user avatar
:) Cutieeeee
2022-06-14 15:20:42
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Winter Wendy
Wow! It's interesting.
2022-01-30 09:05:36
45 Chapters
DENVER Ybarra. He is the sole heir of the famous and well-known construction firm of the country, Mr. Anthony Ybarra and Madame Madelle Ybarra. Currently, he is the COO of the company but he wants him to rule over the company especially his father's age is quite old. But that's not in his father's plan. "No, Denver. You don't want to give it to me, I don't want to give it to you either." Disgusted, he turned to the Father. Here we are again in the heir discussion. When will his inheritance problem end? "Dad, I really don't want to marry anyone." His father sighed. His son is really stubborn. He and his mother are not stubborn so he wonders who he inherited from. "Who wants to marry just anyone? Son, Denver. That's why I'm going to find you a bride w--" "Dad!" Anytime really, when the question is the company, it is always followed by marriage, children, grandchildren. His parents are acting like there is no tomorrow for marriage. He has made many excuses like having a wife and ch
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SANDRA could barely breathe. She tearfully put down her cup with coffee. Just thinking of it makes her more embarassed. "Stupid, Sandra. Stupid!" Instead of trying to comfort her, she even bragged that she was too stupid to do that to Madame Madelle. When she told Tina about it over the phone, she hurriedly travel just to tease Sandra."Ayst, De Luna. Your stupidness even reaches the moon." She lower her head and remembered what happened yesterday. When Madame Madelle offered her to be her daughter-in-law she could not speak. She could not think of the correct answer.What should she answer? Yes, of course, Madame?  "What do you think, hija?" She blinks. Does she heard it right? Yes! Clear. She rethink her face. She can't calm down because she don't know how to answer her. What should she answer? All right, madame? Doesn't she look too desperate? Yes, she was desperate. But that's not that! She's really surpri
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SHE never met him before marriage. She only have Madame Madelle by her side. It confuse her, if she will continue or just step back. It's pretty obvious that Denver don't like her. It's just she's martyr. But she wonder, for how long? "There, this off-shoulder gown is pretty for you, right? But I bet your backless too, that's also your bet, isn't it, Tina?" Tina happily nodded. "Seriously, Madame. Even if it's not me who's gonna marry, I'm very happy." She just smiled at them. She shouldn't ruin the mood. She's getting married. She's getting married a day after tomorrow. But until now, she has not even seen her future husband in person. The preparation went well. From flowers to gowns, souvenirs and designs, foods to reception. This wedding is everyones dream wedding. She is happy but not as happy as how happy everyone was at her upcoming wedding. "Anthony and I bought this house
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THE next day, as a wife now, she wake up early and prepare breakfast for two. She prepare coffee, bread, fried rice, bacon and hotdogs. Hinintay nalang niyang bumaba si Denver para kumain pero magtatanghali na at lahat ay walang Denver na bumaba. He just waited for Denver to come down to eat but it was going to be noon and all Denver didn't come down. She turned off the water hose he was using to sprinkle the plants in front of the house. She entered the house and knocked on the door next to the master bedroom where he is but no one answered. "Denver, are you in there?" She hear nothing but silence, she tries to open it and it opens. When she wandered her eyes across the room there was no one. She smiled. "I guess I am all alone last night." She said. There is nothing as tangled as the bed sheet.  The whole room is clean. Laughing, she closed the door of the room and then went downstairs to eat. She just waited for
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"I DON'T care so shut the heck up!" Sandra seemed deaf when Denver shouted at her the next day after he came home from a month -long business trip. "You know what, no matter what you do, I don't care. I don't care about how you feel or what the heck up! I don't care! Screw this pathetic girl." Her tears streamed down through her cheek as her eyes heathens. She seemed to be pumped hard in her ear.  She could not properly digest what he said."Do you really hate me that much?" She asked him. He turned his back to Sandra and glared intently to him. "I don't just hate you nor angry at you, I despise you. So hecking much."  "Why? Why can't you open up yourself to me? I-" "What the heck, human? Are you kidding me? Open up myself to you? Huh! Go find those screws you lost and fix your mind." He left her there while Sandra was standing in the middle of the house. When the whole household was quiet, she fell to the floor. "Ma'am Sandra!" It wa
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"ENOUGH, Sandra. Can you just. . . just mind your own? Stop making me guilty all the time." But Sandra just asked him if he had eaten yet. "But-""Just. . . stop. I hate you but it doesn't mean I don't care." He whispered. "Just take care of yourself. Don't mind me, I can take care of my own."With that, he left Sandra in the kitchen. A week after she was hospitalized, she felt that the man was treating her better every day. She didn’t know if she would be happy or not because there seemed to be something wrong. When Denver asked her why she was rushed to the hospital she said she was just exhausted.'See what happened? Stop going to bed late at night just to wait for me. I can't take care of you, so take care of yourself.' "Ma'am Sandra. Please eat." "Do you think there's any hope that Denver's mind can be enlightened? I'm not here just because I want to have a family on my own but to seek love too." Emm
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"YAH. What the heck did you do?" Sandra asked Tina. Tina silently laughed. "Huh? What do you mean?" "What do you mean? Are you crazy? You left early, you didn't even say goodbye, you left me confused. Then, Denver had been strange! What did you say to Denver?!" Tina burst out laughing. Her words are really powerful that what she thought.  "I didn't say anything, are you accusing me?" She said with dead-malicious tone. "Hey, you. I know you." She stared into the air."Oh, I thought you knew me?" Tina didn't do anything. She just said what Sandra deserve. "SHOULD I let her in?" Always. Sometimes Cali thinks that he is the one cheating on Sandra. Denver seriously looked at him and shook his head. Cali surprisingly slam his table."What?" Denver asked him."Have you already realize Abby is just a bothersome?" Cali laughed. Denver did not say a word. "You know, you're a friend, but what you
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". . . WHERE did you inherit a habit like that? Ah, maybe from your parents. Opps. You don't have parents, my bad, you lack care-"A slapped echoed inside the office. Those who witness it was beyond shock. Madame Madelle was the one who slap Abby. "Fck." She commented. She smiled and glared at Madame Madelle but Madame Madelle slapped her again. Two consecutive slaps for Abby."Have you come to your senses, bitch?" Abby muttered curses before she looked at Madame Madelle again. Not afraid of getting slap again."This fcking witch is here." Abby said. "Ahh, where the boss is, the disciple is also there. Wow, what is this, reunion of the desperate--"'Ahh, this is the third.' Sandra was the one who slap her this time. "Do you know what to call a slap that lands on your face? It's called a slap for a desperate.""Desperate, my ass. On the two of us, you're the desperate one. Desperate to make Denver fall in love with you no matter how man
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DENVER moved his body. He feel stif. He feel his head throobing and his temple is palpitating. The sunlight coming from the outside is dazzling him. He wonders why sunlight can penetrate his thick dark curtain?Then it hits him. 'Shit!' He thought when he saw his bed color white instead of ash gray. He got up and what he first saw is the interior of Sandra's room. He mentally faced palm when he realizes he entered the wrong room last night. 'Shit, this is embarrassing!'He saw no one in the bed with him that it relieves him. 'What the shit. I'm almost cause an incident.' He went out of the room and found nobody. 'Maybe she's already out for work.' Then his head throb. He quickly entered his own room and decided to have a shower. He turned it on Cold and had a bath until he got sober."WE will send it to your email, Mrs. Ybarra. Thank you!" A big fashion line contact her for collab project. She thought that why not? This is what she wants, having the career she wants and making it succ
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IT WAS three o'clock in the afternoon when Sandra woke up. She gently rubbed her eyes before getting up. She does her daily routine and leaves her room in her night dress. She was not in the mood to go to work. No, her mind and body were tired. "I have prepared something for you to eat, Ma'am Sandra." Sandra sat down in front of the table and ate quietly while Emma stood behind her."Excuse me, Ma'am Sandra. A postman give a letter for you. It's still trendy, you know, letter and a postman. Aren't everything now is digital?" Sandra stopped eating. "There's what?" She curiously asked. Emma hurriedly left and picked up the letter she had received from the postman this morning. When she returned she handed it to Sandra.She sighed. It is an invitation from Vana West. An international gala. She was not in the mood to send an email as a thank you for the invitation. Sh just poured water into her glass and drank before returning to her ro
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