Raini rapidly blinked her eyes, still looking at their prints – hers on her wrist and the wolf’s on his shoulder. She tilted her head and realized that the wolf is still holding her wrist, so she pulled her hand from his grip. She looked at the man from head to toe with her brows up and sighed.

“Primrose said my mate is a great alpha. I can’t believe my mate tried to kill me. That’s not so great of you at all.”

Obviously confused of her words and the knowledge that they were indeed mate, the wolf’s forehead wrinkled before he went back to the huge rock to sit, facing the princess.

They were silent for a little while. Princess Raini scrutinized the man in front of her who wore a much softer expressions on his face this time, but his eyes were dazed, probably not expecting her to be his mate, too.

If they had met in a much pleasant way, Raini would think he’s a great alpha indeed. Aside from his excellent phys

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