Doubts & Fear

Chapter 70: 

The drawings had unnerved her for days, her moods fluctuating as she gathered her apartment together. 

It was hard to keep them a secret by this point, Josh and Jackson both noting her odd behavior as she drew into herself the last few weeks. 

It made starting over hard, as she tried to keep on a brave face in Jackson's presence. A part of her wanted to tell him about the weird drawings that kept winding up on her doorstep and mailbox, but given their recent reconciliation, she didn't want to do anything to hurt their relationship. She had a feeling the drawings had something to do with Randy, as he was featured in most of them. 

But she knew he wasn't capable of drawing at all. She also couldn't see him doing something like this--no matter how manupliative he could be, it didn't seem like him. 

So who? 

She didn't really know, but she was growing increasingly worried. Every picture was a moment she

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