Hayley could feel both of her wolf sides fighting for dominance, but she didn't want her Timber wolf's side to win.

But either way, with her Pure wolf almost taken full control of her body, it fought them off like she was doing it all her life.

''There is a reason I was born to be the Alpha's mate,'' Hayley growled. "There is a reason I am a Pure/Timber wolf."

She gave another growl that caused the three females before her to bow their heads.

Hayley hit the ground with her paw, and just like the first time, her tail went in the air, shooting out the green beam. Hitting Grace in the side, causing her to fall back on the ground, with her blood splattering all over the place.

Kora bit Hayley's tail, while Davina went for her throat. She let out a shock wave that sent Kora flying.

Davina tried to wrestle with Hayley, but Hayley had the upper hand, easily forcing her back.

After seeing that they all were down, Hayley stood over the three o

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