Chapter 95


Catherine was wearing a lose jeans trouser and one of Ace's t-shirt. She sat before the vanity mirror putting on her lip gloss as some of the servants pull out their luggages.

They will be returning to London that same day and she was just getting ready. Ace left for his Mom's room 30 minutes ago and she was still waiting for him to get back to her.

The door was pulled opened and Ace walked in. Catherine stared at him through the mirror and cocked her head to the side, scrutinizing him as he walked up to her.

“You ready, Butterfly? We don't have much time.” He said as he grabbed his hair brush from the vanity.

Catherine packed her make-up kits inside her make-up bag and stood up from the chair, she turned around to face Ace and smiled lovingly at him, her eyes almost closing. “Ready. What did you talk about with your Mom?” She asked her, she walked towards the bed and grabbed her handbag then straightened herself.

“Just school stuff and our security of course,.” He responded and to
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Chareita Smit
It is as if you don't really know how youngsters in the west behalve and you phantasize what you think they would behave. It is strange.....
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Chareita Smit
Why would a young boy drink wine so early in the day?

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