My Bully: My Forgotten First Love

My Bully: My Forgotten First Love

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"Do I make you wet, Catherine?" ******* She was the girl he never forget and he was the boy she couldn't remember. Catherine Meyer's life has been that of mystery, she couldn't remember anything from her childhood except for the ones she was told. At seventeen she was already living with an uncle she doesn't remember, when her uncle was transferred to New York she had to start at a new school. Her first day in Riverside High School was something she would always remember: She was claimed by a boy she doesn't even know, worst past is... She was attracted to him immediately she saw him.

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Christina Ambler-martin
this was a good book to read I like how the beginning started out even though it was rough it had a good ending
2023-02-08 23:47:49
user avatar
it's a very interesting book.
2022-09-27 16:09:08
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Sylvia Awunor
Love the story so much...few chapters with interesting characters
2022-09-18 16:27:54
user avatar
Tete Mahlangu
love the story
2022-08-15 21:04:04
default avatar
How long is this book going to be?
2022-08-07 23:12:11
user avatar
wait for the next chapter, the author, please?
2022-07-28 19:28:58
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Khyree Scott
Love it need more
2022-07-25 05:58:32
user avatar
Rose Petals
Awesome book. Chapters always have me dying to read the next. Love the male and female leads. Very good plot. Can't wait to get to the ending.......
2022-06-15 07:47:36
default avatar
Emelie Abrahamsson Lilleeng
Been reading the first chapters… need more of anything…But it keeps me intrested.
2022-12-14 03:48:38
Chapter 1
  Episode 1 Catherine's POV: I fixed my shoes and grabbed my bag from the bed, I walked towards the door and took a deep breath, my uncle was transfered to New York last week and I got transferred to Riverside high school too, my first day in school and I was already getting anxious. I closed my eyes and inhale then exhaled harshly. You can do this Cat, you can do it. I opened my eyes and unlocked the door, standing in front of my door was aunt Vivian, my uncle's wife. She glared at me and stepped away from my reach. She never liked me,and to be honest I never liked her either.Maybe at some point I did loved her but as time passes when I got a glimpse of the real her I hated myself for liking her. "What are you staring at? It is 8:10am, your first day in school and you're late!" She yelled at me her hand swinging towards me.
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Chapter 2
  Episode 2 Catherine's POV: I watch in horror as he tightened his hand around my neck.  Is he going to kill me? The thought alone made me claw on his hand harder. The psycho smirked and brought his other hand to my cheek, he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand and trial it down to my collarbone before they landed on my chest. My eyes widened and I continued to struggle from him.Knowing for the fact that I cant rescue myself if I continue to tug on his hand, I resorted to the only solution that I have.I bite hard on his hand. He let me go immediately and my back hits the wall, I gasped, trying to inhale as much air as I could. "Don't you ever bite on my hand, kitten. This will serve as a warning, the next time you try it there will be a punishment." He said while I watched him. Punish me? Who the hell is
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Chapter 3
 Episode 3 Catherine's POV: I stood before my locker, bringing out my games wear since I joined a club. In Riverside High School it is compulsory to join one or two community since it brings the students together. So today will be my first time running in Riverside High School, in my formal school I won the Huston summer trophy with my team mates. I grabbed the games wear and closed my locker, I turned around to go to the restroom and change when I saw Ace and Liam walking towards my direction. My heart started beating erratically. Since that day we haven't run into each other and seeing him again sends chill down my spine. What do I do….what do I do? Before I could think of a way to escape him, he stood before me. The hallway became ghostly silent, I looked at my left and then my right but the students were just watch
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Chapter 4
Episode 4_ BLACKLISTED Catherine was making dinner yet again, her aunt ordered her to make Loaded trio potato for dinner and this time around, she kept her phone in the safety of her room. What happened between her and Ace kept running through her mind, she doesn't know if the boy was sent to make her life hell at Riverside High School or not. He left a hickey on her neck which her coach saw during practice and blamed her for doing unnecessary things when she should have been in practice. Catherine sighed and washed the potato inside the bowl filled with water. She was confused on what to do, how on earth was she supposed to avoid Ace Hampton when it seems like he follows every of her movements in the school. The only thing best for her to do is to try as much as you could to avoid him. After making dinner and she set it on the dining table, she took her own
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Chapter 5
Episode 5_ Anitra Steel? It has been hell for Catherine in Riverside High School. Sometimes she misses her classes because she was too scared to face the mockery the students will subject her to. She walked inside the ladies locker room to change after practice, when she opened her locker to grab her towel, the door pulled opened. With the thought that it might be one of the students, she didn't look at the intruder, not until she felt someone's breath on her neck. Her eyes widened and she tried to look back but the person pushed her forward so that her front was pressed before her locker. His woodsy and peppermint scent filled her nose and she realized without looking that it was Ace. Ace fucking Hampton. "What…..what are you doing, Ace?" She stuttered. "Shhh," Ace whispered into her ear. "Don't say a word."  Catherine shut h
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Chapter 6
Episode 6_ YES, I AM FOR YOU.Chapter 6Ace walked towards the boy that was standing beside the coach.Who is Anitra Steel? you might ask.Anitra Steel was ones Ace Hampton's best buddy.Ace, Anitra and Liam were all a team until something happened.Nobody knows what happened between the two but Anitra ended up leaving America entirely. and now he is back. obviously Ace didn't like it.As if Anitra felt Ace's presence behind him, he turned around and smiled."Hampton." he called."What are you doing here in RHS, Steel?" Ace questioned calmly.Anitra glanced at the coach and the man cleared his throat."Ace, Anitra here is here to finish up with the team." Coach responded.Ace turned to face the coach, he was angry, furious that his head was about to burst but he refused to show it.He has learnt to hide his emotions ever since he was a kid.if you have a mother that is as influencial, popular and a billionaire politician as Veronica Hampton, of course you'd learn to control your emot
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Chapter 7
EPISODE 7_ WEIRD FEELINGS.Catherine walked inside the cafeteria with Talia beside her, as soon as the students noticed them, they kept quiet.She fumbled with her bag subconsciously, her eyes moving from one place to the other."Don't mind them and let us go and get our food," Talia told her, she nodded her head and walked forward when Kisa stand on her way."Catherine, I want rice and sauce, go and get it for me quickly." She said and snapped her hand at Cat. Catherine stood there watching her, her face morph into that of anger."What is that supposed to mean, Kisa? She is not your maid." Talia fummed. Kisa smirked and turned to face Catherine."What are you still waiting for? Go!" She bellowed, Catherine nodded her head and extended her hand to collect money from her."You will have to pay for it." Kisa said."I don't have enough money to buy food for you!" Catherine deadpanned. Where did she want her to get the money from? She has no more than five dollars inside her purse and she
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Chapter 8
EPISODE 8_ JOB HUNTINGIt was a bright Saturday morning, Catherine dressed up in a pair of tight high waisted jeans and a white crop top ready to hit the streets and look for a job.She just couldn't keep depending on her uncle to pay all her bills when she knew that what her uncle gives her can't even by half of what she needed.She put on her make-up and wore a nude lipstick on her lips then sprayed deodorant on her body; to smell good.After finishing with the basics, she grabbed her backpack and her phone then walked out of the room.Luckily for her, her uncle and Vivian weren't around, as usual they went on a vacation without her, it wasn't the first time it happened and she knew that it won't be the last.Catherine walked inside the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water, after drinking the water she put the cup back inside the fridge and walked out of the kitchen.She walked out of the house and locked the door then kept a spare key behind the flower pot before walking do
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Chapter 9
EPISODE 9_ CURIOUS ABOUT YOU.It was a Sunday afternoon, Catherine was ready to start her job at Montego hotels, she was wearing a tight black jeans trouser and a blue second hand shirt.She knew that she was going to change into another dress immediately she get to Montego hotels so she didn't bother to wear her best dress.She grabbed her backpack from her bed and hurried out of the room. Few minutes later she was out of the house and on her way to Montego hotels which was about ten minutes walk from her house.Upon Catherine's arrival in Montego hotels, she went to Mr Malcolm's office. She knocked on the door waiting for the man to invite her in, when he did, she slowly push the door open and walked inside then closed it behind her."Good afternoon, Mr Malcom." Catherine greeted."Oh, Catherine. How are you, dear?" Mr Malcom asked her."I am fine, Sir. You told me to report to you when I arrive today, here I am." She said. Mr Malcom nodded his head and stood up from his chair, he
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Chapter 10
EPISODE 10_ VERONICA HAMPTONCatherine raised her eyebrows in confusion, she didn't understand what Anitra meant by his words nor the meaning behind it."What are you trying to say? What monsters?" She asked curiously, he smirked and walked closer to her, he bent over and had his mouth closer to her ear."I'll leave that for you to find out " he said and straightened. "I'll see you around."Anitra turned around and walked away from her and she released a breath she didn't know she was holding.Catherine glanced down at the book in her hand and looked back at the direction where Anitra walked towards. She secretly prays that Anitra doesn't bother her again. She has a very bad feeling where he is, even though he doesn't make her hyperactive or scared like Ace does, there is this darkness hovering around Anitra and she doesn't want to get close to such darkness.After a while,she checked her wristwatch and cursed herself inwardly, she quickly bookmarked the place she stopped reading the
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