Chapter 97


"What happened?" Catherine asked and took the phone from Anitra.

"Police reject the bail of Chelsey Black." She read out loud and chuckled. "This is mother's handwork."

Ace took her hand in his and let out a deep breath. "She deserves whatever Mom will throw her way, she shouldn't have touched you at all."

"That is by the way, are you both leaving already?" Anitra questioned and Ace hummed.

"We're done for the day." He replied.


It has been two weeks since Ace and Catherine returned to London and resume college, a lot of things had happened within the two weeks and one if them was that Chelsey Black was fined £100,000 for physically assaulting Catherine Meyers Hampton. Catherine and Ace were done with their classes for the day and we're going to the parking lot, the security team following them at the back.

As soon as they got to the parking lot she got a phone call from her Mother.

"Hello, Mom?"

"Hi, Catherine. How are you?" Mrs Meyers asked.

Catherine got inside the car
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