Chapter 100


After the judge declared Alexander Meyers and his wife guilty as charged, things have been significantly different in Catherine's life.

She felt more at peace with herself. She stopped feeling guilty of being the only one that survived the accident.

She feels more relaxed to stand before her mother-in-law.

She stood outside their apartment building, waiting for Ace to drive out their car from the garage but she wasn't just waiting, she was lost in thought as well.

For the past three days she hasn't been herself. She missed her period the other month and this month as well, she wondered if she had an infection. She fell sick constantly and missed a lot of lectures. She hated the fact that Ace missed his lectures as well because of her.

"Get inside the car and stop thinking." Ace called her out.

Catherine sighed softly and walked over to him. "Sorry," she mumbled before getting inside the car.

When Ace joined her inside the car, he took her hand in his and lightly squeezed it. "I do
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