He didn’t any words but she linked her hands behind his neck and draws his face down to hers. He kissed her hard, deeply, passionately, kissing her until she shivered and danced beneath him. He moved her legs, his thighs inside hers, and as he stretched over her, she felt the tip of his erection nudge her.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered, kissing the side of her neck, and then her throat and back to her lips.

“It won’t always hurt, will it?” she asked barely able to concentrate on what she was asking when his hands were on her breasts and his palms rubbed slowly across her nipples.

“No,” he answered, dropping his head to suck one peaked nipple even as he positioned his shaft at the entrance of her body.

He kissed her again on the lips and deepened the kiss as he entered her slowly. Fortunately, her body was wet and welcoming and only once did the pressure became too much. She pressed at his ch

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