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If she had known that her life was going to change while performing her duties as a maid, she wondered what would have changed if she had not went there in the first place? Her life took a drastic change when fate smiled upon her. Her life changed when she was chosen to become the bride of the prince and it even intensified when secrets started coming out. How will Talia settle with her new life? Will she be able to easily accept all of this or run away with her tail between her legs?

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Talia smiled as she looked at the noble ladies chatting and showing off their expensive and luxurious clothes and jewelries. It was the hugest event in the Kingdom of Qarth, the youngest prince was choosing his bride and all noble families had been invited.She wasn’t really from one of those but she was here as a helper, making sure that the place remains clean.Talia was nineteen years old and unlike other children of her age she wasn’t going to school. She lived with her grandmother; she never knew her parents so her grandmother was everything to her. She was sick and she could only work hard to pay her medical bills.“Stop staring,” Jane the woman who worked in the palace and the woman who had hired her said.She smiled at her and said, “it’s not every day that I get to see such a thing.”“Indeed, I wonder whom the prince will choose. He had been looking down lately,” Jane mentioned.
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He smiled at her again and moved away from her. Since she was standing against the wall, there was a little chance that anyone heard their conversation since they were whispering.To her surprise the prince removed his golden ring with a ruby in the middle from his finger and he took her hand and he slid it on her finger.Even though she had an idea what was happening but to really watch it happen was the craziest thing she was seeing. The ring felt heavy on her finger. How was she qualified to wear such a ring on her?The prince kissed her hand and just like that while she was still in shock he said, “mother, this is the lady I am choosing for my bride.”She looked at him and then to the queen who didn’t seem to be in shock. She smiled at her son and stood up.“Bring her here,” she said.“Remember not to talk too much. You promised.”“I will remember that.”She followed the
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“The car is waiting for you, we should leave.”“Will I be returning tonight?”“No, you will return tomorrow in the morning; the courtesy of the Queen.”“I should thank her then.”“I will pass that to her, right now we need to leave.”She left with Jane and the car was waiting for her. They showed her respect which felt very weird considering the fact that she was waiting tables just an hour ago. There were still guests in the palace and there were staring at her.For a moment she thought she heard what they were talking about which was very hilarious. She shook her head and entered the car. The car drove off and she watched as she left the palace with two more cars shielding the one, she was in. her life suddenly changed and she needed answers.Prince Neal didn’t love her, so why did he resort to this instead of just marrying Chloe?An hour later the car drove in
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“Fine, take a seat if it’s going to last.”Neal sat down and she did after she put the flowers in a vase of water.“Tomorrow go on a date with me.”“I have never heard of a date before the wedding. You finally have time?”“Yes, I do have time and I would love to know you better before we tie the knot.”“Too late for that but I would love to if it means leaving the palace walls.”“You are getting tired already?”“Trust me its suffocating.”“You will get used to it.”“So where will we be going for the date?”“That’s a secret.”“Should I be wearing these clothes again?”“Don’t worry about that. I will take care of it.”“Hope you will do. It’s time, wouldn’t want to keep your mother waiting.”“I heard
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He was so handsome she regretted spouting so much nonsense to him. She felt jealousy that he held someone so dear in his heart and yet he was marrying her just to spite her. Being used by him was just painful and she could only just vent out on him.“You are tired, return to your room now,” he said.“Goodnight,” she said and turned her back on him.She knew he was angry and she was very sorry about it but she was glad that she said it or else she won’t be able to sleep well that night.She entered her room and removed the evening dress she wore that night and changed into her night wear. The moon was shining so brightly in the night sky and she couldn’t leave her room but just admire it through the window.She looked at the moon and began to meditate the words her nana told her the night she saw her. The more she said them the more she felt very calm. After that she crawled into her bed and slept. &n
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“Aren’t you going to pick one?”“Just choose what you think will be good,” she said.Neal after a long consideration picked a black slim cell with a nice rear and front camera. While he paid for it, she was busy looking at the phone covers. She had always wanted to have a matching cover with her boyfriend if she ever had one. Now that she skipped from a boyfriend to a husband, will she have her dream fulfilled?“What’s on your mind?” he asked her.“Can you buy that for me?” she asked looking at the covers.Neal smiled and asked the sales attendant for the covers.“You want matching covers?”She couldn’t answer that question at all, she felt very embarrassed.“I will buy them for you,” he said and paid for them.When the phone got registered as well as the SIM card, the attendant put the cover on and she was happy. Neal took his phon
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Neal was still a university student at the capital biggest university. He was in his third year. It was the royal family’s tradition for every prince to marry before he turns twenty-one years of age. The ceremony was arriving for him to choose his bride and the only person he could choose was Chloe. He had promised to make her his in front of everyone. Make everyone bow to her and respect her.A week before the ceremony he decided to surprise her at her house. He didn’t call in advance and just went there. What he wasn’t expecting was to see his girlfriend and best friend making out as if it was normal. He was speechless and couldn’t confront them at all.The only thing he could do was simply to withdraw and act as if he never saw it. He planned to trample on the promise he made and make sure that she suffers the most humiliation she could ever get in her life. She stomped on his heart and he was going to do this same too.As if everythin
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 “So, it’s true, now you can’t even defend yourself. I saw you with my own eyes and couldn’t ask you at all. I wanted you to feel the same pain I did when I found out about you two. Just leave me alone Chloe.I will not tell anyone about it to show you some respect because of our past affection but from now on please stay away from me as possible. I have a wife I need to care about.”“Don’t do this to me Neal, please. I’m sorry, it just happened.”“I don’t care how it happened really. I just want you out of my sight or else I will tell every media outlet there about you and see whether you can walk holding your head high,” he threatened her.Chloe wiped away her tears and withdrew from the class. He slapped the book on the table and closed her eyes. It was really painful; he loves her but he just couldn’t do anything about it now.“Neal!” Jasper his other
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Her son kept avoiding Talia so she had to threaten him so that he could spend some time with her. If left alone for too long, she didn’t know what the end would be like.She left her hall and went to where her husband and king were.“Did the Priestess left?”“Yes, she did.”“So, it’s finally happening?”“Yes, it is.”“For the first time our son did something good.”“Yes, he did. Do you think we should tell him?”“No, we mustn’t. They should be able to talk it out themselves. Let us not interfere and let the kids settle this among themselves.”“That is true my love. Let’s wait and see where it will lead us. I have to take the beads out now. You should rest early; it will be a very long day tomorrow.”“It will be. It’s been so long since we had a huge event like this.”&ldq
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Her nanaba had warned her that it would come announced but she never thought it would come now. She closed her eyes and began to meditate when she suddenly fell into a slumber. It was like a dream but it felt so real. She saw the back of a woman walking; she looked old from the back considering the silver hair.She was curious so she followed her for a long time before the woman suddenly stopped and picked a peony flower and turned around. She was surprised that she fell to the ground. She looked exactly like her, how was that even possible?“Who are you?” she asked the woman.“I am you and you are me,” she answered her.“What’s happening here?”“Take this,” she said giving her the flower and she stood up and took it.“I’m going to tell you a story, everything is true so pay attention because we don’t have much time,” she said.She nodded her head in respons
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