Ch 190 Elders
Thea nodded. John, Josh, and Xavier helped her out of the vehicle and flanked her as they walked toward Moonbeam’s pack house. The crowd all had vacant stares but parted to let them through.

“Is Thomas doing this?” Thea said.

“Yes,” John said.

“Can you control that many people?” Thea said. She knew vampires had different talents. Not everyone could mind control people.

“Never had a reason to try.”

Delta team and the triplets joined them in their wolf forms as they cleared the crowd.

Thomas’s vampires had Alpha Ford, Amethyst, and their two pups in their grips. Thea counted eight vampires total. They were all on the shorter side. Maybe a foot shorter than the triplets. They all had long hair and flowy clothes.

Thea’s heart skipped a beat when she saw a blonde female had Ford’s oldest pup and heir, her fingers with their sharp nails around his neck. She was hesitant to try freezing them before ascertaining whether they had something that would block her. It could backfire and go
Samantha Doyle

I guess goodnovel has been having an issue where author's notes haven't been showing up for a while. Makes it difficult to keep you all updated on things like answering the question of if this book is finished—it's not. I'm still writing it as of May 2022. I started it in January. I've been updating it nearly every day since then. There won't be an update tomorrow, but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully, this author's note goes through!

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omg! awesome. those pups will be powerfull . hope Thea will take this giving birth well and it's the last one.
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Anyone else hoping that Xavier becomes a romantic part of their lives? The triplets already love him…
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Shadale Foster
loving this can't wait more more

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