Ch 193 Queen Luna
Thea pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I wonder why the moon goddess hasn't told me anything about Lilith since we've started our dream chats?" Thea thought to everyone on mind link and Valkyrie link. She had been keeping her thoughts open to everyone who attended the planning meetings so they could hear Thomas.

"Now Lilith and her demons have found a way out of Tartarus," Thea said out loud. "And she's finishing what she started."

"Sounds like it," Thomas said.

"How do we fight her and her demons?"

"I don't know that any bedtime stories will be of any use. No one has seen a physical demon in ages. We don’t know their weaknesses.”

"That’s not encouraging.”

“You see why I wanted the Valkyries.”

“Are you being attacked over there too?”

“We have had friends go missing. Nothing like over here. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say they dug a tunnel and created an entrance to the Underworld somewhere on your East coast.”

“Twenty bucks says that block with all the shadow demons in New
Samantha Doyle

Question. What are your feelings on redemption? Can really evil characters be redeemed? How? What punishment is enough? What amends can be made to the injured parties? If they’re evil enough (in fiction) often the bad guy dies in order to be redeemed. And perhaps, more importantly, would someone who was capable of such evil (and perhaps who was evil for such a long time) truly have such a change of heart? Or are there people who truly just never learn, never grow, never earn redemption?

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Yes i agree that everyone deserves redemption but for some thea should hold them to something before getting the whole redemption and forgiveness but still everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and everyone on thea’s side should be open to give that it’s the only way to win the upcoming war
goodnovel comment avatar
Also so that the vampires don’t feel too overpowered just by a werewolf they’ll have their own too a “hybrid” by thea and xavier
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope moon goddess deems xavier and thea to have a super hybrid girl baby since the triplets likes xavier tooooo ppllleeeaaassseeeee, xaviers been thru a lot deserves something right??? ...

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