Act 1: Queen's Rook - Chapter 8


“Not even a clue?” I ask, seeing nothing but darkness and hearing Christian chuckle.

“Sienna, this is supposed to be a surprise. Stop asking questions, or I’ll turn this SUV around right now.”

“You sound like a parent,” I say, almost rolling my eyes, but it was difficult with a blindfold on. “Ha! Does that mean I get to reprimand you with my belt?”

I shake my head. “I can’t deal with you, I really can’t,” I say, tutting at the fact that he turns everything into a dirty joke.

We’ve been driving for about ten minutes, Christian blindfolded me as soon as I got into the car, and I am only realising now how my guard had dropped. He can literally do whatever he pleases with me, even take me to Allessio, and it will be all my fault.

With my heart in my throat, it occurs to me that I’m vulnerable right now. Fuck!


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Woah. Well I hope this Christian is really what he seems. I feel that he鈥檚 too good to be true...

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