His Forbidden Goddaughter

His Forbidden Goddaughter

By:  NiMarie  Completed
Language: English
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***WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS LOTS OF EXPLICIT SCENES, VIOLENCE, AND VULGAR LANGUAGE*** To the world, I am Alberto Morello. A ruthless asshole, merciless, dangerous, the definition of death. But to Francisco Blanco, I am his brother, his best friend, the man that swore to rule the world we live in alongside him. That’s why when he asked me to be the godfather of his only daughter, Isadora, I didn’t hesitate to accept. I may be a coldhearted bastard to just about everyone in this bloody world, but I swore to care for that little girl as my own. What I never expected was for that little girl to grow into the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. I tried to fight the attraction, knowing that it was the one line I couldn’t cross. I couldn’t do that to my best friend, to his sweet girl. I am sick in all ways imaginable, and I couldn’t do that to them, to her… But when they both team up against me to get me to come back home after years staying away, will I be able to stop myself from falling into temptation? And if I do have a taste of the forbidden, will I be able to stop?

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Pretty good story - definitely not short on smut lol (as the author prefaced the story with!). Overall it was a good read, ready to read the second book! :)
2023-09-04 01:31:11
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Miguel Quiles
I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to finish book 2.
2023-04-24 06:54:42
user avatar
Just because I enjoy the fact that she provides the translation for the different languages she uses. KEEP THEM COMING QUEEN.
2023-04-24 02:35:58
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Aiman Ejaz
So Amazing and Exciting story. The writing is captivating. The book is so intriguing that I finished this book in three days ......... plot and twist in a story is so good and well written .........
2023-02-20 00:27:05
default avatar
What a fabulous story!!! Moving on to the continuation. Can’t wait!! Thanks for such an intriguing story!!
2023-02-05 07:56:59
default avatar
This novel was so good. Will definitely read the sequel and any other novels by this author.
2023-01-08 01:19:02
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Tracy Tauro
So good ...
2022-12-20 15:45:54
user avatar
Tasneem Sayed
An absolutely amazing read! Love it
2022-12-05 08:24:14
user avatar
T. R. Durant
So good ...
2022-12-01 09:08:11
default avatar
it's good ..... but finish it plz..... i have wasted so much of my money to not know the ending gosh.... where is part 2?
2022-11-16 01:40:08
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Pretty spicy read, I just wish the FL was more likeable. The supporting characters make the story.
2022-11-04 06:20:49
default avatar
I read the whole book in a hour!!! Please finish it. I have so many questions— Is she safe?? Omg
2022-11-04 01:26:36
user avatar
Rocel Gonzalo Suque
this story got me interested and kept me reading.. too bad I have to get bonus points just to keep reading ...
2022-11-03 09:15:14
user avatar
hahahahahaha, you're king me! wheres part 2? loved the book.
2022-10-30 17:53:20
default avatar
Wow so Dirty n Hot !!! I can’t put it down .. look forward to the 2 nd part ! Great writing !
2022-10-30 13:15:56
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45 Chapters
This book is part of a series called The Forbidden Series. Book 1: His Forbidden Goddaughter (Complete) Book 2: Her Forbidden Desire *** Hello my beautiful readers! For those of you that don't know, my books are considered ‘steamy’. This means that they will be filled with lots of detailed steamy scenes. This book specifically will have lots of sėx scenes, some bdšm, violence, drugs, profane language, the whole nine yards, so if you don’t feel comfortable with that, please skip those chapters or the book altogether. This is a mafia book, so without the violence, drugs, and alcohol, it wouldn’t really be a mafia book. LOL. I will try to have trigger warnings as much as possible, but sometimes I may forget. For those of you that haven't read my books before, they are known to get wild and more times than not end in a cliffhanger. You've been warned!Please remember to follōw my sōcial medīa (Facēbook- Author NiMarie, Instagrām- nimarie.author, and TikTōk- author.nimarie) for the l
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01 | Bloody Dealings
***WARNING | BRIEF TRIGGER WARNING*** *Alberto’s POV* “Where is he?” I asked my men as I rolled up my sleeves. “He is tied up in the back.” Edgardo replied, nodding towards the closed room. “Hmmm. And the men that helped him?” I asked them as I grabbed the machete and twirled it around. “Dead, Capo.” He replied quickly. “Good.” I said as I reached for the door handle. The room smelled of blood and metal, making me smile in satisfaction. I took a deep sniff of the air before my eyes met his. “Alberto.” Yaser coughed out before he spat blood all over the floor. “Don’t act so surprised, Yaser.” I chuckled as I grabbed his hair, pulling him to face me. “You didn’t expect me to not find out, did you?” “Those are lies. I would never betray you.” He cried out in panic, making me roll my eyes. “Shut up!” I roared, punching him across the face. “I hate it when you all act like whiny bītches. Take it like a man.” I said as I kneed him in the stomach, making him groan. “Luck is on your
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02 | Bloody Fūcking
*Alberto’s POV* “Wrists.” I muttered as she lifted her wrists together for them to be tied. I wrapped her wrists tightly with my belt, making it so tight that she released a whimper. “On the couch.” I told her as she quickly got to her feet and sat on the couch, keeping her eyes on the floor. I unbuttoned my pants and lowered my zipper as I stared at her naked body. “Spread those legs for your capo.” I told her as I grabbed my cōck and started stroking myself. She opened her legs as far apart as she could, reclining back just a little bit in the process. “Arms up, Slūt.” I said, causing her to moan softly. Daniella was a sucker for degrading, which was why she had lasted as long as she had. I loved degrading women in bed. It was sort of my thing. I walked closer to her, finding her completely wet and ready to be fūcked. “Well, aren’t you just a needy little whōre?” I chuckled as I grabbed her by her hair and brought her closer to my cōck. She quickly opened her mouth, forcing me
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03 | Isadora Blanco
*Alberto’s POV* Sleep? It’s been years since I have experienced a decent sleep. And today was no different. I mean who could sleep when, in just a few hours, I will see my angel again. When I say see her again, I mean, physically, since I have plenty of her pictures, lying around my room and office. Just because I have stayed away, doesn’t mean Francisco hasn’t sent me pictures that I have had printed in different sizes. Now, here I was, sitting in my private jet on my way to Italy with a drink in one hand and my angel’s photo in another. I always carry this specific picture in my wallet. It was my favorite of hers. One that I didn’t get from her father, but from her I*******m account. Not that I knew how to use that social media shīt, but the men I had keeping an eye on her told me about them and helped me navigate it. This one was of her at the beach on spring break. That little teeny swimsuit always did a number on me. “Capo.” One of my guys called to me, making me turn from th
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04 | One Moment
*Alberto’s POV* I was pissed but I had managed to keep my poker face on all night. Lucky for me, no one noticed. I also controlled my drinking because drunk Alberto would have shot a few, no questions asked. “Alberto, fratello.” (Italian for Alberto, brother.”) Francisco called me over. Fūck! And here I thought I could sneak away to my bedroom. I still can’t believe I agreed to stay here too. Bad decisions, one after another. “Francisco.” I replied, raising my watered down whiskey glass. “I was just heading out. I have a slight headache.” I told him as he nodded at me. “Mi piacerebbe sedermi con te domattina.” (Italian for “I'd like to sit with you in the morning.”) He told me as he puffed on his cigar. “Dammi un momento, gattina.” (Italian for “Give me a moment, kitten.”) He told the woman sitting on his lap. I don’t get how his wife doesn’t give him shīt when he does that in her face. But hey, if it worked for them, who was I to judge them? He smacked the woman in her asš bef
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05 | Two Conditions
*Alberto’s POV* This was so wrong but yet felt so fūcking right. The way her lips moved against mine and her tongue caressed mine, had me ready to explode. This. I. Fūck. I can’t. “Isa, please.” I blurted out when I pulled her off my lips. “Don’t act like you don’t want this. I saw the way you looked at me.” She said as she bit her lips. “What way?” I faked ignorance, knowing damn well that I wanted to explore every inch of her perfect body. “Like you wanted to bend me over and fūck me like a little slūt.” She said, making my eyes grow wide. She wasn’t far from the truth, but hearing it come out of that perfect little mouth, did a number on me. Now I didn’t just want to fūck her ruthlessly, I wanted to spank her and teach her who was boss. But I knew I couldn’t. Not her. Not my angel. “Isa, I don’t know—” I was saying when she placed her finger over my lips. “Don’t deny it. I know you want me as much as I want you.” She whispered as her hand reached for my cōck, wrapping her fi
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06 | Birthday Wish
*Alberto’s POV* I finally pulled myself together and chugged the now cool coffee before getting up. I walked into the bathroom and jumped inside the shower quickly. I looked down at my erection and sighed. “Maybe tonight, bud.” I mumbled before grabbing some of my Dior shower gel and scrubbing my body with it. Before I knew it, I was drying myself with a towel. I set the towel over my shoulders as I grabbed my toothbrush, squeezing the minty toothpaste over it. I quickly brushed my teeth and wiped my mouth with the hand towel on the cabinet. After flossing and using my mouthwash, I hung my towel and headed back into my bedroom. As soon as I looked up, my eyes grew wide in shock. “Padrino!” Isa gasped as her eyes grew wide. Fūck! I wasn’t expecting her to return. “Isa.” I groaned, hiding my cōck with both hands before turning around. “Can you give me a moment?” “Hai bisogno che mi giri?” (Italian for “Do you need me to turn around?”) She asked me, making me turn my face to the
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07 | Godfather Christened 
*Alberto’s POV* I was leaning against my Maserati, scrolling through my phone, when I heard the clicking sound of heels. I was nervous just looking up. My angel was my fūcking weakness and I knew I would be lost with just one look. “Sono pronto per il mio viaggio, Padrino.” (Italian for “I am ready for my ride, Padrino.”) She said in a soft voice that instantly made me hard. Did a reverse viagra exist because, damn it, I needed it. “Isa.” I groaned as my eyes trailed from her feet to her head slowly. I don’t know if she fūcking noticed, but at this point, I didn’t give a shīt. If I had been good at keeping my hands away, at least I could let my eyes feast on the goddess in front of me. “Are you okay, Padrino?” She asked gently as she popped her bubble gum inches from my ear, making me gulp. I knew looking at her would make me lose it and I was right. “Certamente.” (Italian for “Of course.”) I said, clearing my throat before I turned to open the passenger door. “No chauffeur?” Sh
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08 | Zero Warnings 
*Alberto’s POV* “Isa.” I gapped out. “You can’t be serious. That’s for—” “Adults? Slūts?” She asked, making me swallow hard as her face inched closer to mine. “Because if it’s the latter, I love being treated like a slūt.” She didn’t just say that. Fūck. I can’t keep listening to this. This has to be another one of my wet dreams. There is no way that she could be any more perfect and fūcking dangerous. I grabbed the door handle, pushed the door open and jumped out as if the car were on fire. As soon as I got out of the car, I walked around it to find Francisco and several of his men already outside. “Fratello!” (Italian for “Brother!”) Francisco shouted from the entrance of the warehouse. “Ci hai messo abbastanza tempo.” (Italian for “It took you long enough.”) He chuckled as he walked over and put his arm over my shoulder while he puffed on his cigar. “I had a hard morning.” I mumbled. If he only knew how hard. “But I am here, am I not?” I asked sarcastically, making him p
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09 | Three Seconds 
*Alberto’s POV* “Don’t fūcking test my patience.” I muttered in her ear, tempted to bite it gently. The hand that was not gripping on to her neck, was inching to wrap around her. Was it bad that I could imagine myself ripping her tight lace top off, right here and then, so I could feel her perky tīts? “What happens if I test your patience, Padrino?” She asked, making me gulp. “Will you spank me?” She asked as she sucked on her bottom lip. That could mean so many things, but fūck did I want to spank her in a non-reprimanding kind of way. “Isa!” Someone called before the doorknob jiggled. I released her in a heartbeat, grabbing the nearest gun and pulling away, so it would look like an innocent encounter. Isa turned around and sighed. “What are you doing here, Mattias?” She asked as I saw from my peripheral side the asšhole approach her. I gritted my teeth to not rip the asšhole up when he wrapped his arms around my angel. I pretended to grab a few things as I listened to the
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