Epilogue: End Game - Chapter 4

Sienna - 5 Years Later

Whoever said that a second chance at a first-time love was impossible was lying through their teeth. Whoever said that a 20% chance of falling pregnant was a pipe dream hasn’t seen my three-year-old son running through my garden on the original Dragonetti Estate.

Of course, giving birth nearly killed me again, so we eventually had my womb removed. This means that I cannot have any more children at all, so my protectiveness over Matteo has increased tenfold. He’s Dante’s only heir, the only child I can give him after Daniella, so he needs to be protected at all costs.

These last few years have been anything but easy. We recently came to an agreement with my half-brother about my supposed claim to his birthright. He understands now that I have zero interest in the throne and that no one will come to claim it; he and Dante even came to an amiable accord.

Nico and Dario have branched out into different parts of Italy and now rule as Capos in their own right. Dante s
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Taliilagi Lavea
WOW this deffs did not go the way I thought.. I mean I knew Sienna & Dante would eventually get back together but not in the way I had anticipated ! Her relo with Christian was so short but kinda felt sad for him cause things were not his fault.. I cried for the loss of their baby girl tho ............

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