Prologue: The Mafia King's Trophy

Matteo Dragonetti - 21 Years Old

I watch her get out of the armored limousine and know immediately that she’s my target. Dressed in white and looking as radiant as any blushing bride should look on their wedding day. The only problem is that her last name is Cerulli, and she owes my family a blood debt.

Things would have been fine if my father didn’t complete my Dragonetti Blood Training two years ago, then I didn’t have to step up to the plate. But then I had to become Capo at nineteen when they attempted to assassinate my mother. There would have been no blood feud or vendetta, but they decided to touch someone as innocent as Sienna Dragonetti, and now they will all pay the fucking price.

“The blushing bride,” my cousin, Lukas, comments when he sees her. “She’ll regret being a Cerulli after today.”

“Hmm,” I comment, checking my weapons once again. We’ve planned this ambush for weeks and know exactly which families are inside and which are our allies. “After today, not only will s
J. Tarr

The Mafia King's Trophy will be released mid-2023. Follow my SM pages for more details!

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J. Tarr
There has yes. A change in characters and dialogue. Right before Sienna leaves for New York and her entire time there
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Has there been any changes to mafia's Vendetta I know you said you might make changes Asking so I know when yo re-read
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Well well well. It’s Matteo’s reign this time.
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