Chapter 54 - Conceited

Nathan Black

It was unintentional.

The whole point of me scenting her as of now was to showered her with the utmost comfort I could give. And yet, here I was, lost in the sweetness of her roses that I couldn't help myself but to shorten the invisible gap there was between us.

Having my nose directly muffled to where her scent extensively emitted had almost had me weak to my knees. I had already whipped with only a whiff of her roses, now that it was this close, I almost lost all my senses.

I was too addicted to her that I, without realizing it, had purred. With how close our bodies were to each other, I was most definitely sure she could feel the vibrations transmitted to her body. It had me frozen for a second bit, mind spiraling to the newfound fact I had just discovered.

When was the last time I had been in so much peace that I fucking purred onto someone? That's right, never. She was the first to have me abandon all the turmoils whirling in my mind to only bask myself to her
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