Chapter 48


My heart raced with each step I took toward the basement. Chills ran down my spine with each step I took, and my heart ached as my husband opened the door.

Alessio didn’t let me in to see dad when he brought him here, but now, it being the one place he could keep everyone without the kids seeing them; it was the one place where I could see them.

My husband’s arm was wrapped around my waist as the two of us walked down the stairs, our steps slow as Alessio tried dragging time. He didn’t want me being in here, I knew that for face; but he knew that there was nothing that he could do about it now. I was already INSIDE the basement; I wasn’t going to go back now. Plus, I didn’t want Alessio telling me that he already told me not to go in there. I wanted to be here, and there was no longer any need for me to be hiding or running away from what I knew was right.

The smells of blood, piss, and vomit filled my nostrils, and I

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