Chapter 49


I followed my beauty as she walked out of the basement.

All the color in her face was drained her hands shook.

“Kia…” Kiara didn’t seem to see or hear Grace whose eyes were wide as she took in her best friend’s state. I shook my head at her, the woman was yet to face her own pain when she saw her husband tied up on the chair “Alessio, what’s going on?”

“I’ll explain later, but I think that you might want to go inside with Ivan later” I said following Kiara up the stairs. Her mother’s words were harsh on her daughter, and I knew that my beauty wanted to be alone; however, I wasn’t going to let that happen. She didn’t leave me when I was in pain, she couldn’t expect me to leave her to handle her own pain by herself.


“You know, I fought to keep you alive when Kyle first found out I was pregnant” Tatiana said lo

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Traitors! Traitors! Ivan and Grace should end up together. I would be happy to see that.

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