Chapter 4

Sinful seduction ~

“Lola? Are you in there? Please open the door.” Aunt Mandy called out to me from the other side. I sniffed back my tears and stepped away from a concerned looking Adonis. “I’ll be out in a minute.” I say, taking a step backwards and looked at myself in the mirror again. I looked like shit. No sugar coating it.

I chucked humorously as I wiped my face clean with the towel. “I look like shit.” I muttered, laying back the strands of hair that already came loose from my ponytail.

“ always look like shit.” Adonis says and I turned to look at him, raising my eyebrow in a way that says ‘Really?’

“Oh shit. I just wanted to make you smile but didn’t go as planned.” He says awkwardly, rubbing the nape of his neck as he spoke. The joke might have not made me smile but the reaction afterwards did. Watching him look like kicked puppy made me smile.

I took a deep breath and exhaled, ready to face whatever storm was out there. “You good, buttercup?” Adonis says and I snapped my eyes at him

“Buttercup? Don’t push your luck Adonis.” I muttered and opened the door. At least while arguing with him, I was able to shake off some of the tension. I opened the door to see Aunt Mandy, dad and mom, Chloe and Liam standing there worried about me. Their eyes showed relief as soon as I stepped out.

“My sweet girl.” Aunt Mandy cries out, pulling me into a hug. I struggled to keep my tears back in even as her warm vanilla scent engulfed me.

“Grandma Eva has always been rude. Please don’t take to heart what she said because she didn’t mean it.” Aunt Mandy tells me, rubbing my back soothingly as she spoke.

I glanced at Chloe and Liam and smiled at them. It hurt me to see Liam look like that. As much as Grandma Eva had hurt me. She also hurt him.

“I’m sorry.” He mouthed but he didn’t need to apologize to me.

“Bun, you know we don’t think of you like that, right? We would never compare you and Liam because you’re both amazing children to us. Your mother and I are absolutely proud of the both of you.” Dad tells me, kissing my cheeks softly.

“I know dad, I shouldn’t have been hurt by what she said after all that’s just the way Grandma Eva is.” I say.

“No. You had every right to be hurt so don’t down play it. I just want you to know I love you and would never compare you to your brother. Alright?” He says and I smiled.

“Thank you dad. Thank you Aunt Mandy.” I say but could still see how worried they were. Dad cleared his throat and nodded, leaning closer to me and kissed my forehead. “I’ll be back, I should give you space to speak to mom.” He says and at that moment did I notice mom hasn’t spoken a word. Not like it’s anything strange.

“Yeah me too.” Aunt Mandy says and I smiled, glancing beside me to see Adonis had already left too.

“I’ll be back.” Chloe mouthed and walked away with Liam. Leaving mom and I alone for the first time tonight.

The silence was awkward and disturbing to me.

“L-Lola.” She started, slowly walking towards me. I held my breathe as I felt her cup my hand in hers.

“Lola, I-I’m sorry.”

Out of all the things I imagined. I didn’t envisaged this. Mom apologizing to me? Is this real life?

“Ma, what are you apologizing for? It was Grandma Eva who did this and not you.” I say, trying to raise the dull spirit hovering around us.

She sighed and shook her head, cradling my fingers gently “I know but I’m sorry. I haven’t been a good mother to you, have I?” She asked and god did it take everything in me to not scoff.

“You did your best.” I stated as firm as I could be.

Mom’s face flinched, like the words slapped her hard on the face. “Lola. I—I know I haven’t been the best and I’m—“ I couldn’t  let her complete her words. Tonight’s been overwhelming for me already and I don’t need her pretending to care for me. I think it’s just perfect how our mother and daughter relationship has been during the past till now. She doesn’t get the right to apologize when she deems it fit.

“Not now, Ma. I’m not doing this now so please stop. Our relationship is exactly how it’s been since I was fifteen and it will continue to be like that so stop. Please stop.” I say, watching as she slowly retreated into her shell. Pretending  I don’t see her wipe the corner of her eyes and pretending it didn’t hurt me.

“A-are you okay?” She asked. Her voice was soft, too soft if you asked me. I gulped down the pile in my throat and nodded, watching her wear her mask again. It always beat me as to how she could easily pretend nothing affects her. How easy it is for her to mask her pain and become the daughter of Grandma Eva.

“I’ll ask Liam and Chloe to come see you, I’m guessing you’d be leaving. Right?” She asked, her eyes boring into mine as though pleading I stay back.

“Yes. I should go home.” I whispered, watching her mask break for a few seconds, she stood straight and smiled even though it wasn’t the genuine one but then again it’s the one I’ve been seeing for the past nine years and I’ve gotten accustomed to it even though I know it’s just a font. The same smile I pull out whenever I go for a business dinner with Mr Callus or at work. The same smile I pulled here when dad was introducing me to the guests.

I watched her retreating figure and sighed, trying to calm my shaky hands. It would be better if I head back home. At least I know I’m safe at home. Grandma would not get to me, mom won’t get to me either.

I heard footsteps walking towards my direction and looked up to see Liam and Chloe. A soft smile embraced my lips as soon as I saw them.

Liam looked so worried it hurt me. He shouldn’t be this worried about me. “Lola, god. I’m so fucking sorry—I know I shouldn’t—“ I couldn’t let him complete his words. I immediately flung my arm around his neck, pulling him for a hug.

“Lola? Are you okay? Shouldn’t you be angry with me?” He asked, puzzled but hugging me still.

“Why should I be annoyed with you? It’s not like it’s your fault. Grandma Eva is just jealous I look better than she did when she was my age.” I say and he chuckled. I stepped back and smiled while he kissed my forehead.

“You know I love you, right? I love you so much Lola and you’re right, she’s jealous she didn’t  look half as good as you do when she was our age.” He says and I smiled

“Hey! Don’t suck up to me, you still have to pay best-friend settlement before you get married.” I say and this time Chloe spoke, walking towards us and wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

“That’s true. I can’t get married if you don’t fulfill the last requirement of our guide.” She says and we could only watch Liam face contour into confusion


“Yeah, Lola and Chloe’s best-friend guide. Whoever we get married has to pay the best friend settlement.” I replied and he rolled his eyes.

“Please tell me it’s not that piece of paper you both wrote and wouldn’t stop asking questions about when we were teenagers?”

“And what if it is? You still gotta pay up .” I say and he rolled his eyes playfully. “Fine, I’ll pay whatever amount it is as long as I get to keep this cutie with me forever.” He says, looking at Chloe with heart in his eyes. He slowly leaned closer to her and nuzzled his nose against her.

“Yah! Stop behaving like Mr and Mrs Thomas. You’re both going to make me sick.” I spat out although jokingly.

“Our love is young and definitely not like Mr and Mrs Thomas from fifth grade.” Liam says and I rolled my eyes.

“Stop being affectionate now. I have to leave though.” I say, breaking the affection they were sharing.

“Go? You’re sure?” Liam asked and I raised my eyebrows. Is he seriously asking me that?

“Of course she’s going home. Great Grandma Eva shouldn’t hurt my best friend anymore than she’s already done.” Chloe snapped.

“Should I come with you? We could get ice cream on the way and cuddle, watch titanic too. What do you think?” She asked and I chuckled. Leave it to Chloe to leave her engagement dinner for me.

“No baby, I’ll be alright but then we can meet tomorrow. I have two weeks break from work and I’m all yours baby.” I say and she smiled. “Are you sure, I really don’t mind leaving.” She says and I glanced at Liam who just shrugged. “I don’t mind. Its boring enough as it is, besides we are surrounded by older people.” He says dismissively.

“How about we have our own engagement dinner or lunch tomorrow? Liam and I, you and Adonis. We all meet up and have lunch or dinner? What do you think?” Chloe asked and I shook my head.

“I have a better idea, why don’t we all go clubbing? I mean we already had dinner and all here so tomorrow is for us. Let’s go clubbing and celebrate your love.” I say, winking at her

“Totally down for it, I’m sure Adonis wouldn’t mind. What do you think baby?” He asked Chloe who shrugged. “I’m down for whatever. “

“Okay, it’s settled. We go clubbing tomorrow.”

“Who is going clubbing?” Adonis voice boomed just as he walked towards us, it’s more like I just got the opportunity to stare at him. A light smile laid on his lips.

“We are going clubbing tomorrow to celebrate.” Chloe says and he raised his eyebrow. I immediately averted my gaze not wanting to be caught staring at him for the second time.

“Well I’m down for clubbing and whatever.”

“I uh should go now. We’ll meet tomorrow?” I say and Liam nodded, leaning closer and kissed my forehead again. It’s nothing new. Liam is always affectionate like this, just like dad.

“Should you be driving? You look like a wreck.” Adonis voiced out and fuck! Fuck him and whatever thoughts I’ve been having towards him.

"You shouldn’t be speaking when you look like that." I snapped and he pouted. “What? What’s wrong with my clothes?” He asked and I rolled my eyes. Of course nothing was wrong. He looked perfect if anything. He had black pant trousers on pairing it with a navy green turtle neck and a black coat to match. Of course he looked good.

“Please I can’t do this tonight.” Chloe muttered tiredly. “Whatever, I’ll head out now.” I say but he stopped me again.

“I’ll drop you off.” He says casually almost making my eyes fall. Him, drop me off at home? Hah!

“Not a chance Adonis! I can drive or did you forget?”

“I know you can drive but I’m dropping you at home or are you scared? Did you do something you should be scared of?” He asked but fuck. He knows. He was hinting at something. That night.

I opened my mouth to talk but nothing was coming out. “That’s settled. I’ll drop her off and we’ll meet tomorrow, just text me and let me know the plans.” He says and holds my wrist. I snapped my eyes at him.

“Are you okay with this, Lola?” Liam asked me cautiously. I glanced at Adonis who was looking smug. Fuck him a thousand times.

How the fuck am I supposed to be in the same space as this man. Especially now that he’s hinting at that night? Fuck my life.

“Yes, I’m okay with him dropping me off.” I say, ignoring Chloe’s hard stare.

“See you.” I say, clutching my purse tightly and walked out of the house with Adonis beside me.

This is going to be one heck of a drive.

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