Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings

By:  Turquoise Grace  Completed
Language: English
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There's no one in her life that Kate Grayson despises more than Colton James; he's inconsiderate, rude, irresponsible and perverted, and yet he has an effect on her she can't even begin to explain. Determined not to fall for the resident bad boy, Kate falls into a vicious cycle of being pulled into his attractive charm before forcing herself to stay away. For his part, Colton finds Kate intriguing and when he warns his friend away from her, he realizes that perhaps her lack of desire for him only enhances his own desire for her.

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Rude Awakenings novels: The relationship between Kate and Colton is both funny and sweet. He is a very inconsiderate, irresponsible and rude man, even a little perverted, Kate said of Colton. But no matter what they want to live together, marriage and children are normal. However, they have raw emotions, and all the problems related to love in life exist. The correctness of the drama and all their love and devotion to her are still worthy of praise. So be sure to love the bad boy with a heart of gold. At the end of the story you may be dying to find out what happened to Austin, Georgia and Daniel... Stay tuned...

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user avatar
Love this story and Colton James
2023-02-13 13:36:20
user avatar
Alley OLeary
I loved listening to this, I couldn’t stop once I started. Definitely recommend it!
2022-12-28 18:07:22
default avatar
This was a fantastic book from start to finish. The way the characters grew along the way was well written.
2022-12-18 16:35:50
user avatar
Cassandra Simmons
Such a great book, couldn't put it down!
2022-11-01 14:08:16
default avatar
Loved this book!! I listen while I am at work and I was so excited to find one that I enjoyed listening to!
2022-10-31 19:08:38
default avatar
Such a good book
2022-09-21 10:51:54
default avatar
Love the story. Page turner.
2022-09-14 10:43:34
user avatar
Shilo Sulda
Loved this book. Found myself getting so caught up with situations & the frustrations as they were happening. I couldn’t wait to get back to reading at any opportunity I had.
2022-09-10 16:56:03
user avatar
still love this book! was reading it from the start & ended it when it was finished only to keep coming back to re-reading it. love Kate & Colton!
2022-09-05 04:18:30
user avatar
Isabel Madrigal
Loved this book. Absolutely amazing. I was not able to put it down. Would definitely read it all over again.
2022-08-17 00:27:01
user avatar
Shauntelle Verity
I absolutely loved this book!! what happened to Georgia though?? (not that it matters)
2022-08-03 21:13:40
default avatar
Ayesha Jade
Loveeeee love love. I hope the second book isn’t too far away!
2022-08-02 00:07:04
default avatar
Gina Bradshaw
...️...️...️ this is amazing ...️...️...️
2022-07-28 07:31:29
user avatar
Araceli Salazar
I love the story from beginning to end
2022-07-07 05:34:24
default avatar
Connor Elizabeth Lawrence
One of my favorite stories I have read!
2022-07-04 07:57:06
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121 Chapters
The moans and groans perforated through the thin wall, forcing Kate awake. The last thing she needed was another sleepless night. Work was becoming more and more difficult, her workload increasing, and now she was missing the crucial eight hours she needed to function. She groaned, rolling from her bed and dawdling to the kitchen. She grabbed a glass of water, taking small sips in the hope that her neighbor would be finished by the time she returned. Once the glass was empty, she sat it in the sink and slipped back into her now quiet bedroom. She sighed out a quiet thank you to whoever was watching over her and closed her eyes, hoping sleep would find her quickly.Any chance of that was shot when she heard the headboard banging into the wall, the bed squeaking, and the disturbing squeals of the woman in the other room. Using her pillow to muffle the sounds, she tried to ignore it but it was to no avail.Clenching her fist, she pounded on the wall.“Fuck off.”
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Voices murmured from the other side of the thin wall, the bedsprings creaking beneath the weight of bodies. She prepped her pillow to be her earmuffs for yet another night. After their altercation yesterday, the last thing Kate wanted to do was give Colton another reason to pay her a visit. A girly giggle broke through, quickly turning into moans and groans. Kate grimaced in revulsion as the woman insisted on telling Colton over and over and over again just how big he was.As the moans slowly turned to wailing, Kate felt her patience growing thin. Flipping to face her clock, she gritted her teeth. They had been going at it for twenty minutes now. Surely he was doing this just to piss her off. He’d gone and found the loudest fucking woman at the club and brought her home. She started to scold herself for her thoughts before she stopped. That is exactly what Colton would do. He was an asshole.Just as Kate was questioning just how much commentary on Colton’s
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The weekend had fast approached and Kate was thankful, although she wasn’t as exhausted as usual. Colton had been keeping his bedfellows quiet and she had been managing to get a solid eight hours most nights. She’d seen Austin around here and there, but their conversations were short. Kate didn’t want to get involved with anyone even remotely related to Colton, and while he was gorgeous, she couldn’t help but question why a nice guy would be friends with an asshole like Colton James. There had to be something wrong with him, and she didn’t want to get too wrapped up in him before she found out.“Come on, Kate. Have another one,” Paloma cried, setting down the shot glass in front of her. “You’ve been working so hard. Time to live a little.”Kate laughed, downing the shot and wincing as the liquid burned her throat. “I’v
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Taking a breath, her brown eyes glanced up at his black ones. For a moment, he looked as surprised as she felt, but soon the conceited smirk returned and Kate realized exactly what she was doing.Pushing against the firm muscles of his chest, Kate slipped from beneath his grasp. She didn’t want to engage with him any further. She didn’t trust herself. The feeling of him, hard beneath her, made her more aroused than she wanted to admit. She didn’t want to think about how much further it would’ve gotten if his smarmy attitude hadn’t brought her back to reality.Once inside the bar, she slipped through the crowd, finding Paloma straddling Heath in a back booth. Kate took a deep breath, hoping her friend would see reason. She doubted it though. A few shot glasses littered the table and Kate knew Paloma was more than tipsy.“
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Kate tossed and turned. In the depths of Colton’s apartment, she could hear the breathy moans of Paloma and Heath and she hoped it was keeping Colton wide awake. After a hot shower, she still wasn’t able to dull the sensation of him pressing up against her, the feel of his mouth on hers. She understood in that moment why women got hooked. He could make her feel things she hadn’t felt in such a long time. The problem was that he knew it, and he was an ass because of it.She groaned, rolling towards her nightstand. She shuffled through the drawer, pulling out her vibrator and laying back on the bed. She hated that he had this effect on her, that she wanted to feel him inside of her. Kate turned it on, muffling the vibration beneath her blankets as she allowed it to glide along her entrance. She was already completely aroused. The feeling of him had sent her into overdrive, the feel of his tongue ring agains
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Avoiding Colton since their incident had been easier than Kate thought. He had started bringing women home again, and although the woman screamed and wailed and the bedhead banged viciously against the thin wall, Kate kept quiet. She didn’t want to draw his attention to her, and to be fair, after their time together, she understood. She hadn’t seen much of Austin and had been thankful for that too.But she knew it wouldn’t last forever.Returning home from her run, Kate climbed the staircase, wiping the sweat from her brow. She froze at the sight of his shirtless torso, his back once again covered in scratches, his hair messy and damp. He inhaled a deep draw of his cigarette and turned away.Kate’s stomach dropped. She hadn’t known what to expect but she thought it would be a snide comment, at the least. Scolding herself for wanting his attention, she skipped up the remaining steps and unlocked her front door.“You shouldn’t be smoking in the hallway. You sho
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The day flew by, and soon it was time for Kate to meet Austin. She straightened out her dress, a long-sleeved white and pink floral number that finished at her mid-thigh, and flipped her wavy hair over her shoulders. She slid on her heels and touched up her makeup as she awaited Austin’s arrival. A moment later, a soft knock rapped on the door. Kate swung it open and enjoyed the darkening of Austin’s sapphire eyes as they raked over her figure.“Kate, you look…” he trailed off, stepped forward to plant a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Incredible.”“Thanks,” she murmured, grabbing her bag and stepping out into the hallway. “Not too shabby yourself.”The door of Colton’s apartment flung open as they began their descent down the staircase, Austin’s hand slipping a little too low on Kate’s back for her liking. She tried to shift under his grasp, but his hand stayed firmly glued. She furrowed her brows, taking in his smirk as he glanced over his shoulder at Colton.Ka
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He trailed off as the woman giggled from the other side. “I’m glad you called me, Colt. I was hoping you would ignore my brother sooner rather than later.”Stilling completely, Austin pulled away from her, tugging up his jeans with vengeance burning through the sapphire of his iris.Kate grabbed at his hand, confusion etching across her delicate features. “Where are you going?”For a second, his eyes softened, taking in her flushed cheeks and concerned gaze. “I’m sorry, Kate. I’ve just-”A harsh groan broke through Austin’s words, Colton’s husky voice following. “Fuck me, Aria.”Austin snatched his hand away, charging through Kate’s apartment. She followed, trying desperately to adjust her clothing as she ran. As Austin barged through Colton’s bedroom door, Kate couldn’t help but shield her eyes. Colton was seated on the bed, his body slightly reclined as a blonde nestled between his legs. Her head bobbed, his fingers tangled in her hair, helping her ta
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“So, how are things with Heath?” Kate murmured, ignoring the stern glance from the yoga instructor as she stretched out on her pink yoga mat, lifting her hips in the air and relishing the release of her aching muscles.Paloma let out a sly grin. “We’re just fuck buddies, but it’s so good. Nothing like it was with Dylan. We’d been together for so long, I’d forgotten what it was like to just be fucked with passion and desire, you know? With Dylan, we had to schedule it around Florence and we were never really in the mood. But now, Heath comes over and just slams me into the bed. It’s so hot.”The yoga instructor let out a stony ‘shh’, her eyes narrowing at Paloma’s vulgar language.“It’s good to see you getting out there again,” Kate hushed. “You had me worried for a while there when you weren’t leaving your house and covering yourself in Cheetos dust.”Paloma giggled softly, “And now I’m getting covered in whipped cream.” She ignored Kate’s eye-roll, continuin
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“Sorry,” she breathed, trying to avoid his gaze. “I… I was coming to get my stuff.”Raising his eyebrows, disbelief etched on his stern features, Colton shook his head, “You look scared shitless. What’s going on, Kate?”“Nothing.”“Do I look fucking stupid to you?” he snapped, irritation biting every word. “You’re so fucking frustrating. I’m offering to help you and instead of taking it, you just keep pushing every fucking button I have.”Running her fingers through her hair, Kate let out a shaky breath, “The note. It’s just freaked me out. What if he’s…” she cut herself off, glancing back to the ajar door and restarting, “What if someone’s in there?”“I can check.”The sincerity of his tone forced Kate to take a step back. In the three months that she’d had the displeasure of living beside Colton, the only person he had ever considered was himself. She couldn’t reconcile the honest help he was offering with the prick she knew he was. Slowly noddi
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