Chapter 9


A groan escaped my lips as I struggled to open my eyes. I felt hot all over, not hot hot but more like fire hot. I licked my lips but could taste the crustiness on them, sitting up so I could get up but instead I was attacked by a wave of dizziness. I don’t remember feeling this bad yesterday. There was no warning and now I’m here feeling like shit.

I inhaled deeply and got out of bed, reaching for the wooden chair by my side and thankfully I had that to support me. I felt my knees immediately growing weak as soon as I got up from bed.

—why did I have to fall sick now?— I groaned and walked towards the bathroom, splashing the cold water against my face and slowly looked up at the mirror. I look like shit.


Forgive me for not updating as frequently as I should.

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Natacha Richardson
Love the Princess Bride parallels!
goodnovel comment avatar
Ebun Arowolo
Why do I feel like she’s pregnant…

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