When she loved me
When she loved me
Author: Ade

First day of highschool

Alfred crank the mf car! Did it break down again?

It’s the kids first day in a new school. They can’t be late'

  Alice's mom Sandara bugged her husband repeatedly making sure everything is in order for the kids special first day in saint Carolina high school,it’s not necessarily something important but she places importance on firsts.


  Alice stood calmly at the side watching her parents.She is already 18 years old and these two never stop treating her like a kid and in reality they are the kids.


  ‘Aiyah! Aunty ! Uncle! If you keep this up we are really going to be late’

Cammy shouts as she approaches them running.



  ‘Thump thump thump thump. . .’


  Alice watches Cammy's approaching figure and her heartbeats intensifies.

she has been feeling weird lately,she and Cammy have been friends since they were born as their parents had moved into Beaufort ,South Carolina before they were born.




  Alice has always known she had interest in the female sex,she never had her firsts or a crush but she knows.


  Few days before their high school transfer to this new school,Alice and Cammy went to the park.

Cammy was being bullied by a popular girl at their middle school as Cammy has a small figure and Alice was the tall one. She always had the urge to protect Cammy. 

It's almost a reflex action, Alice rushes and stands in front of Cammy protecting her from the crowd.


                 ‘Who do we have here’


          The bullies ring leader exclaimed 


             ‘The protector of the galaxy’




  The other girls laughed hysterically, a sickening sound to the ears.



  Alice has always had a cold calm image. She seemed like the type that didn’t care about anyone or anything and doesn’t have interest in anything or someone in particular but she has a button. 


No one touches or messes with Cammy. She once beat up a group of boys for making fun of Cammy for failing a test. 

  Cammy on the other hand is a trouble attractor which is only normal for someone as social as she is.


  Alice takes on the ringleader and beats her to a pulp. 

  Cammy notices that some of the other girls had gone to call the ring leader’s parents,as she sees the approaching figures of their parents,she grabs Alice by the wrist and runs as fast as her short legs could.

  They ran so far till they were short of breath and found somewhere to hide. It was an enclosed space barely enough for two people to fit in but they hid there, their faces close enough to feel their breath on each other’s faces. 

  Alice looked down and her eyes made contact with Cammy’s probably because they ran for so long Cammy looked out of breath ,breathing heavily with her face flushed ,her eyes glistening as she was sweating.


          ‘Thump thump thump . . .’


  Alice felt as though the whole world had stopped and all she could see was Cammy, for the first time in her life she loved someone ,for the first time she felt this euphoric strange feeling in her heart.


  That was when Alice knew she was in love with her best friend.





  Cammy approaches Alice and nudges her gently on the shoulder.





  Alice snapped out of it and regained her normal aloof look but with a tinge of warmth in her eyes. 


  Alice reaches for Cammy’s bag, drops it in the car and opened the door for her while Cammy complies as though she was used to Alice doing this.



  Alfred soon starts the car and drives Cammy and Alice to school.


  It’s their first day in high school,Cammy is excited and psyched so she decided to shoot a vlog and upload it on her YouTube channel. 


  While Alice sits on the side watching her as though she was the only one that exists in her world.



  ‘Haiiiiiii y'all it’s my first day in high school and I’m here with my one and only Alice’


  She moves the camera towards Alice face 


                  ‘Bestie say hi’






  Alice replied dryly, clearly uninterested in the video and this was mainly because it takes too much of the time Cammy is supposed to spend with her! Why! Does it take so long to edit and upload a barely 15 minutes video!!!!!!


  Cammy, used to Alice's character, continues with the vlog while pestering Alfred who seems to be enjoying it.


  Alice watches Cammy ,her  every act,every smile ,every gesture captured in her heart.


  She smiles  unconsciously when Cammy smiles or makes a funny face or gesture. Watching her just made her heart so warm,the butterflies in her stomach could escape and sour high to the skies.

  Her oxytocin level increases to the brim.


  She just loves her too much, Too much it might be unhealthy.


Cammy, oblivious to Alice's feelings and thoughts at the moment, was currently strolling through her I*******m post.

She sees one of her competitors and shows Alice disdainfully.

As Alice dotes on her dearly, she looks at the other girl’s I*******m handle and reports the account immediately.

Alice doesn’t use I*******m but opened an account to follow Cammy.

She had several other accounts she created just to boost Cammy’s followers.

Each account has funny names;

‘Cammy’s candy plum’

‘Cammy’s eyeball’

‘Cammy’s biggest fan’

‘Cammy’s one and only person’


The list went on and on and on.

Till date Cammy doesn’t know Alice created the account.

The car moved smoothly and quickly towards their school while the two girls at the back sat peacefully with one occasionally talking while the other look at her with a doting gaze . 





  Quote for this episode: 


  “One of the greatest pain and agony is being in one-sided love with someone. Break my face, my back, my arms, my neck. But please don't break my heart. Even if you tear me to pieces or even if you reduce me to ashes, I would still go back and give you my heart.”

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