When She Loved Me

When She Loved Me

By:  Ade  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alice Smith longed to turn the tortuous days of loving Camila into a happy ending but you know how the universe isn't always on your side, a fiasco named Jake appeared.  He came like a domestic cat and settled in as a wild tiger, a predator domineering over the masses, his soft side captured camila´s heart that she forgot family and her one and only best friend Alice. Camila didn't realize she had entered the territory of the wild tiger until she looked around her and realized everyone had either died or left her . A love so beautiful it cannot be defined by mere mortals' views on affection, a love that isn't stained by societal norms and rules. No matter how broken, Alice could not give up on her love. Brandishing her swords against all odds she went up against the wild tiger with the power of love.

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Tameka Smith
I am really enjoying the book and I am looking forward to reading at how Alice and Cammy turn out!
2022-11-11 10:42:54
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Pascal Mops
great writer, I so love this story, just waiting to read more of it. much love awesome writer
2022-09-22 01:57:27
user avatar
Becka Malone
I totally love this book! you are an awesome writer! can't wait to read the end of it!
2022-08-30 11:44:37
default avatar
nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-29 13:27:20
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mireille b
I love this book!!! Besides it’s free I totally recommend. Btw, shout out the the author ADE...️....... Love youuuuuuuu
2022-02-28 22:21:31
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Eris Lovette
...... This is my first time reading a novel and I really love this......
2022-02-27 04:23:34
user avatar
The PenArtiste
This book is firee.... I totally recommend
2022-02-24 05:53:21
42 Chapters
Chapter 1: First day of highschool
“Alfred, crank the mother-fcking car! Did it break down again? It’s the kids first day in a new school. They cannot be late.” Alice's mom Sandara bugged her husband repeatedly making sure everything is in order for the kids special first day in saint Carolina high school.Although it’s not a special occasion, she is highly superstitious and places importance on firsts. Alice stood calmly at the side watching her parents.She is already 18 years old and these two never stop treating her like a kid and in reality they are the ones with characters akin to kids. “Aiyah! Aunty ! Uncle! If you keep this up we are really going to be late” Camilla shouts as she approaches them running. “Thump thump thump thump. . .” Alice watches Camilla's approaching figure and her heartbeats intensifies. She has been feeling out of it lately, whenever she sees Camilla, thinks of her or catches a whiff of her scent, her face flushes and her breathing intensifies.They have been close friends ever since bi
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Light bulb
Alfred drops Alice and Cammy at the school gate,tells them to be good girls and tries to make them less nervous. Alice, accustomed to her dad's behaviour nods,grabs their bags from the car .She looks ahead at the big school,sighs and walks ahead following in Cammy’s footsteps as her dad drives away. As they were new students,introduction is a necessity and this is the part Alice hates the most but Cammy seem to be having the best time of her life so Alice's mood was lifted a little. ‘Good morning students’ Mrs Camila walked in greeting the students. ‘Good morning ma’am’ They all echoed. ‘I trust you are having a great morning, we have 3 new students,let’s have a short introduction before we proceed with the morning lecture.’ Mrs Camila looked at Cammy signifying she was to go first. ‘Hello everyone I’m Cammy Jones,18 years old,I love sports especially basketball and I run a YouTube channel where I post blogs and sports tips.’ ‘. . .’ ‘That’s pretty much it’ Camm
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Continuous butterfly
After the school hours,    Alice and Jasmine were on the way home when Jake approached them again.    ‘Hi,we are having a basketball practice tomorrow,do you wanna hangout’      ‘I mean to play basketball’    He said playfully       ‘Sure , I wou
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The basketball couples
Second day at school,       The morning class went as usual,they were given a group assignment and the group members were to be picked at random the next day.The class was dismissed and everyone dispersed for lunch.A eating,Jake invited Cammy to the basketball team and naturally Alice tagged along as she walks side by side with Cammy.       Jake has been wanting to take a step ahead towards courting Cammy but Alice is always in his way.in the morning when they were coming to class he has wanted to go meet her but someone when he was so close to reaching her ,Alice held her in the hand and ran fast,he found
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Learning basketball
 ‘Alice come here’    Cammy calls  from a distance .    Alice walks over meekly looking like a child that has been wronged.    Cammy smiles and tosses the ball to Alice     ‘Here try to  bounce the ball,let’s start from here’.    Alice collects the ball and bounces it skilfully as though she has been playing basketball all her life.
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Completely broken
After the game,   Cammy goes into the locker room to take a bath and freshen up,she felt refreshed after the game,she hadn’t played a game that thrilling and competitive in months.    She felt an immense amount of butterflies when Jake hugged her suddenly. she was so surprised her body stood there like a log of wood,she couldn’t move,it was like her whole world stopped. She was enveloped in his warm embrace and even when she’s standing in the cold shower her body still remembers the warmth.She washed herself feeling indescribable amount of happiness.  
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On getting home, Alice walks straight up to her room and slams the door.      ‘She must have gotten into a fight with Cammy’    Alfred thought. Alice would only show such emotions towards Cammy.    Alice buries herself into her pillow and sobs profusely. She couldn’t bring herself to imagine what those two are up to and she knows they would definitely be a step closer to being together.    
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A successful love?
Cammy soaked herself in the bathtub reminiscing the sweet heart fluttering moments she spent with Jake.   She felt so warm,so warm she could feel the butterflies in her stomach going crazy from the heat.   She sat there with her flushed cheeks,wet hair and damped eyelashes looking ethereal.     She stares into space digesting each and everything that had happened with Jake.   Her love  for him drove her crazy to tears. Cammy cried softly as she felt so happy,so happy she could die.   Her love was worth it,  
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Serving Dog food
Few hours later…   Alice woke up, She felt someone wrap her in a soft embrace.   She turned slightly and saw Cammy sleeping so peacefully.   Afraid to wake her up, Alice stayed there just like that. Cammy is a light sleeper so she noticed Alice movement    ‘Ugh… don’t move’   She whispered in her ears as she hugged her even tighter. ‘Nng…mmh’ Alice suppressed the moan threatening to come out in her throat.   It’s like Cammy is after her life today, she thought.
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TW//Bullying: two faced jake
Jake left the basketball court very pissed.He needed somewhere to blow the heat off.He asked his underlings to bring a boy he usually bully to the back of the class. He waited there for two minutes and Charles, a timid need, was dragged in. Charles is in class B the same final year as Jake but has a disability.He can’t hear and see properly so he uses hearing aids and glasses.Jake walks up to his underlings and kicks them. ‘What took you so damn long!’ 
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