To try for another baby?

Lazarus pov

“Kill the baby?” The question leaves my lips before I can stop it.

I didn’t intend to be so straightforward or come across as a complete asshole, but sometimes, even if I try my darndest, I can’t stop myself from saying some things.

All eyes in the room focus on me. I guess saying something in the lines as Sarah did, the fancy wording of termination and all, seems more humane than the actual truth.

All things aside, that’s exactly what she’s saying. She is planning to kill the baby.

I raise my hands and shake my head. “We need to discuss this. All of us. Just think of the possible consequences and the reaction Lenox will have to these news. Like it or not, he’s the biological father of that child, and he has a say too. Yes, it’s your body and your choice, but thus far, I haven’t heard anything from you that implied that you didn’t want this baby. In fact, you appear to be rather happy about the possibility of becoming a mother.”

Everyone in the room sits silent. Sarah
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Marrie Mitipelo
Um.... For Lenox... And Sarah... Her first child, is With Lenox... Please Keep baby... ......️...️...️
goodnovel comment avatar
Kiera J
I'm really hoping for the best because I know how much Sarah wants this baby but Seth is right about her full grown idiots. Neither of them asked the most important question which is "what could birthing this baby do to Sarah?"
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicky Longhurst
Oh :( what a conundrum! I wonder if Lenox went looking for answers, as some of the others mentioned? He won't want to lose his child but he wouldn't want any harm coming to Sarah either. After viewing her as nothing more than a prize initially he seems to have fallen hard and genuinely loves her.

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