Alpha Killian

Alpha Killian

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Seen by few living, Alpha Killian Desmond is whispered about throughout the world, his cruel reputation proven countless times. The ferocity of this man and his pack have been the source of many legends and nightmares. Most who have met him, have died at his hands. Claire Miller has lived a simple life as the daughter of the Beta in her pack. As the Moon Ball approaches, and every pack in the United States gather to meet, the sense of dread building inside of her grows.What will happen when Claire is thrown into the arms of the most ferocious and cruel Alpha known to man? Will she prove to be the exception to his malicious ways? Or will she suffer the same fate as countless others.

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alpha killian is a very cruel man recognized by the world. There are many ferocious legends about him and his Wolf pack, which is also the source of everyone's fear. He killed anyone who ever laid eyes on him. When does it change, will she be the only exception who has ever seen him survive, or will she suffer the same fate as countless others... Maria is a human girl, how she walked into the world of werewolves, although this book has a lot of twists and turns, but the ending is perfect. You can think of it as a general suspense story, because in this story you will think of a lot of questions, who killed whom, who is his ally, who will help him, which is probably the charm of suspense story.

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I couldn't just stop reading... this is beautiful! well put together and exciting
2024-02-19 21:30:51
user avatar
Catty Wheels
this is so wonderfully written.
2023-11-07 02:22:18
user avatar
Avni Ryan
oh how I love this book. It's just too interesting ...
2023-11-06 19:57:11
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Hailey Henry
It's a good book to read
2023-10-31 05:53:20
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Sylvia Garcia
claire is great. love this book. read Alpha asher after it's about thier son.
2023-10-21 10:25:26
user avatar
Tonya Horinek
re-reading...this story is so good!!
2023-10-04 03:23:37
user avatar
Excellent story, I liked Claire’s and Killian’s character growth in their love story it’s so good that I am now reading for the third time
2023-09-28 18:22:50
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Love this book wish there was a little more, great reading the story of Asher's parents, but it ended to soon, would read a little more of Killians adventures
2023-08-20 23:24:59
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Emlyn Julian
Is he Alpha Asher's father?
2023-07-05 15:10:08
user avatar
Great book! Love the twist at the end!
2023-06-19 08:02:25
user avatar
Derena Marie
I absolutely love this boon
2023-05-08 03:26:22
default avatar
Good story
2023-04-04 13:32:52
default avatar
Traci Williams
This is the prequel to Alpha Asher, but a great stand alone. It’s a bit of a slow burn, but great story.
2023-03-20 08:01:55
user avatar
this is the 6th time reading this book and I still love it.
2023-03-12 19:56:45
default avatar
I love this book! I know alpha Asher comes after this, but are any of the authors other books intertwined?
2023-03-04 13:08:33
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Chapter 1
I forced my eyes open to the sound of my mother yelling my name. My intense hatred for waking up early is known throughout my house, so this happens to be a regular occurrence. Although my eyes are open and I'm awake, I lay in bed and let her continue to yell through the door for a few more moments.  "Claire, seriously?" I hear my mother's wispy voice snap as she opens my bedroom door. With an annoyed grunt, I lift my head and meet her clear blue eyes with my own.  My bright blue eyes were just about the only thing I received from my beautiful but stern mother, while my younger sister seemed to be an exact replica, sporting her slender figure, curly blonde hair, tanned skin, and high cheekbones. 'The good looks in the family' my mother had called it when she thought I wasn't listening. It wasn't that my father was ugly, but he was gruff with an enormous build and a scarred face from defending our pack years ago. While the women in my family had ex
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Chapter 2
I hadn't realized my mother, father and Sabrina had made their way outside at the sound of the black sedan pulling into the driveway. I could hardly contain my excitement at my brother's return home. I thought fluttering to the forefront of my mind that gave me some semblance of hope; maybe my brother would help me skip this horrid ball. If anyone understood my absolute disliking to the thought of having a mate, it was my brother, Derek. The thought made my stomach flutter with happiness, and my wolf grumble angrily. My wolf, Sierra, only wanted what was best for me. She protected and supported me more than even Derek did, but that doesn't mean we see eye to eye all of the time. Sierra believes it would change my life to have a mate, I happen to agree with her on that front. I know that finding a mate will destroy what bits of me I have stowed away for myself. Having a mate will strip all of that from me and more, and leave me nothing more than some man's play toy and c
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Chapter 3
I can't say that I absolutely hated the idea of dress shopping with Hazel and Brandon. I'm not overly girly, but every now and again it's nice to feel beautiful. Hazel on the other hand radiated pride when it came to her amazing sense of style and I quickly realized how lucky I was to have her help. Every dress I picked up she seemed to notice some flaw within the piece of fabric. One dress made my eyes look dull, the next dress didn't compliment my skin tone, the next dress made me look boxy. It was a never-ending stream of advice and comments that I couldn't help but be grateful for.  Brandon on the other hand seemed to love every dress that I tried on. Each time I stepped out of the dressing room his eyes would roam my body and his typical smirk would play on his face, and each time I rolled my eyes at his usual flirty self.  "This one is it Claire, I can feel it." Hazel shouted proudly from the dressing room as she slipped on a baby pink, floo
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Chapter 4
I woke up that morning with a smile on my face. For once I wasn't woken up early from the screaming of Sabrina or my mother. Tonight, was one of the rare nights where I wasn't woken in a panic by my reoccurring nightmare. I'm sure they let me sleep in as I had no choice but to attend the Moon Ball. The thought of the Moon Ball chased my smile away and instantly made me feel as though my world was already crashing down. I gripped the hem of my oversized t-shirt and tried to take a few calming breaths, but nothing helped the knot of unease that had been settling in my stomach. I couldn't place my finger on what was causing this absolute anxiety, but I knew it had to do with this stupid ball.  I stayed in bed like this for a few more moments, gripping my t-shirt as if it could save me. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed that I could just sleep through the day, sleep through the ball. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if it was only my pack that attended. I knew no
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Chapter 5
If I thought it took Hazel forever to get me ready, I hadn't seen anything yet. I sat back on my bed, careful not to ruin Hazel's masterpiece as she so skillfully called it. Hazel and I chatted back and forth about what her future mate would be like. I was a good sport and tried to be supportive of my best friend.  "He's definitely going to be taller than me, there's no doubt. Oh, I do hope he has blue eyes though! I love a blue-eyed boy." Hazel cooed from the bathroom and I gave a short breathy laugh. "I'm sure he's going to be everything you're looking for, he's your mate after all." I shrugged, putting some carefully placed happiness in my voice as I sent a quick text to Brandon. Me -6:02pm You ready for the ball?  Brandon -6:03pm Been ready. Mom wanted me ready three hours early, don't know what for though. Me -6:04pm Hazel attacked me with makeup and a curling iron,
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Chapter 6
"You are mine." His deep voice announced, growing deeper with each word.I resisted the urge to laugh hysterically and look behind me, as if he were talking to some other girl. If it was any other man, I would have taken off running on the spot. From the cold and detached look in Alpha Killian's eyes, I was afraid he would enjoy the chase far too much. In that moment I sent a silent prayer to the Moon Goddess, asking her what the hell was going on. Not only did I not want a mate, I was given the most dangerous mate in our history. My heart sank to the floor as I realized my story would not have a happy ending. I watched frozen in place as Alpha Killian closed the distance between me and him. He came to a stop a foot in front of me and looked down on me. It was then that I noticed the two men who had followed him all the way over to me. They looked nothing like what I expected the Blood Moon Pack to look like. In all accounts they were attractive men, bu
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Chapter 7
Alpha Killian P.O.VI begrudgingly made the decision to attend this year's Moon Ball. Finding a mate had once been at the forefront of my mind, but after years of no luck, I quickly pushed the thought from my mind. Finding a mate had been a strong desire of mine in the past, now it was a simple necessity. If I were to maintain control over my pack, a mate would be crucial to that plan. The trip from the Blood Moon Pack to the Southern Pack had only taken a few hours, so I kept my distance until it was time to attend the ball. I couldn't help but enjoy the frightened glances from the rest of the people who had also attended the ball. Being the feared Alpha was something I preferred. If you were known across the word as the most vicious Alpha to ever exist, who would dare challenge you?Females and males alike were submissive to me, never daring to piss me off. I sat at a large table pushed towards the far wall of the canopy, knowin
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Chapter 8
Alpha Killian's P.O.VWithout a word I followed Claire's parents to their home. I was thankful for the silence, even though him and her mother continuously exchanged nervous glances. I sat Claire's unconscious body in the passenger seat and buckled her in, making sure my skin hadn't come in contact with her own. The drive to her modest and aging home was short, which gave me some time to think. I couldn't help but steal a glance or two at her peaceful face. For the short time I had known her, I had only seen three expressions on her innocent face. Frightened, embarrassed, and frustrated. Watching her sleeping face, you could truly see her innocence shine through. I took a mental image of the peace on her angelic face, as I knew her innocence would not last long in the Blood Moon Pack. I almost felt sad at the thought of my little mate suffering the Blood Moon Pack, but I quickly set myself straight, expelling all emotion for this little creature
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Chapter 9
*Disclaimer - Some Mature Content is present in this Chapter.*I spent the rest of my day in the living room with a solemn looking Hazel, a brooding Brandon, and frightened Amber and Derek. Even Sabrina spent some time with us, leaving only to go meet up with her newly found mate. I was surprised to hear the news, Sabrina's mate was the beta in a neighboring pack. I couldn't help but feel happy for my little sister. Finding a mate was everything she ever wanted and it relieved me to hear how kind and loving her mate was. I listened with a smile on my anxious face as she told me all about how smitten he was with her within the first thirty seconds of them meeting. While my future may be unclear, it calmed me to know that my brother and sister were well taken care of. I couldn't keep the smile from my face as Hazel told me all about her mate, Garrett. I could tell as she spoke of him, how she already seemed to miss his presence. One glance at Brand
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Chapter 10
*Disclaimer - Some Mature Content is present in this Chapter.*I picked Claire up from her home, refusing my Beta's offer to do the task for me. My wolf was anxious at the thought of seeing her again, especially after what had almost happened last night. All through the night my wolf plagued me with thoughts of this little creature. I couldn't seem to wrap my head around how she could possibly be a wolf. When you looked at her you saw this small, fragile little thing. My wolf growled possessively as he laid eyes on the boy sitting much too close to our little mate. He growled, wondering how he had the audacity to sit so close to my mate of all people. The love in his eyes for my little mate was clear, but when I looked into her own I could see she hadn't felt the same, if she even acknowledged the feelings at all. I watched as Claire trudged outside, towing her luggage behind her. I felt a small amount of amusement watching this litt
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