"Let me go," she asked softly. She gave him her best damsel in distress look.

Lucas gave her a blank stare. He understood she is pretending to be innocent. He closely observed the woman standing in front of him. Despite her innocent looks, she is not at all innocent. Her ears twitched, indicating that she is trying to gauge her surroundings.

Her senses began to take in her surroundings. She never let her gaze waver from her kidnapper. By the sound of the waves crashing near the shore, she understood that they are near a beach. She tried to listen closely to any other voices to confirm that she is not alone with him. But she could not hear any other human voice or presence nearby.

'Of course, why will he allow anyone else to witness his crime ' she thought feeling the weight of her situation finally sinking on her shoulders. 

Lucas turned back to his laptop once again and ignored the woman, or at least he tried to ignore her.

"The door is open, you can go" he pointed out the obvious. 

By his utter dismissal of her, she understood he is not buying her act of being an innocent woman.

'Ass*ole' she thought angrily.

Lola is not foolish enough to let her hopes up. If he is showing her the door to leave and is not trying to confine her to a room, then he is not worried that she would escape. But still, she wanted to try something and find out a way to escape from him.

So she ran out of the door not bothering with footwear. She noticed that the mansion she ran away from is located near the beach. There is a balcony as soon as one steps out of the door with wooden flooring and wooden steps to go directly to the beach. There is a deck connected to the balcony with a few lounge chairs placed side by side with side tables on the side. The deck is designed like a mini living area apart from the Lounge chairs. If she is not a captor here, then she would have loved to go for a swim on the beach and relax on the chair with a drink in hand.

Lola walked to the backside of the house and noticed that it is fenced with barbed wires. The backyard is an open area carpeted with neatly trimmed grass. She noticed horses grazing on the far corner and a horse shed a little farther away from there.

"Is it a horse ranch?" she wondered.

Lola roamed all over the place only to find out that they are on an island. Apart from the mansion, she woke up that morning and the horse shed, there is no other construction on the entire island. There are huge trees with some wilder life past the ranch. She and her kidnapper are the only two people on the island, which made her sad. She tried to use her magic, but to her confusion and frustration, her magic is not working on the island. Lola is tired and frustrated.

"I will kill that asshole" she muttered angrily.

After 4 hours, She walked back into the mansion and found him sitting in the same place where she saw him this morning. Lola wanted to kill him or at least threaten to kill him if it means that she would find a way out of here. She picked up a heavy vase from the nearby table. She wanted to hurt him so that he would be injured and easy to control. This is so unlike her original self. She prefers to solve things diplomatically. But this guy is bringing the worst in her.

She approached him from behind and lifted the vase before descending it on his head with as much force as she could muster. But what she didn't expect is for him to move away at the last second. The vase fell on the ground with a loud crashing sound and the pieces flew in all directions.

Lucas looked at the mess she made on the floor. He expected all the possibilities about how she might react, this one is definitely not one of them. He sensed her presence the moment she walked through the door. She looks tired and sweaty. But still, her feminine scent is teasing his senses.

"Are you trying to kill me Lola?" he drawled lazily.

She is taken aback when he called her by her given name, but her anger is stronger than the strange feeling this man is evoking inside her.

"I should have found a knife instead of a vase" she muttered angrily.

Lucas chuckled at her outburst. He was not expecting this from her. A crying woman is the most common scenario he expected. A prim and proper aloof princess who would think crying is beneath her and she would bargain for her freedom coldly is the close second option he had in mind. But Lola proved him wrong. She is neither crying nor cold. What she is doing is something he never imagine she would do. She is smart enough to understand that I am not after money or power. She might have figured out this is something to do with her father. So she trying to gain her freedom by fighting with him. He is amused by her behaviour, to say the least. 

"Oh princess, you are as violent as your daddy dearest" he made fun of her. 

Lola narrowed her eyes into slits. No one dares to make fun of her, but this asshole is making fun of her father, which she didn't like. Her eyes landed on the Knives neatly placed in their stand. She plucked the knifes one after another and began to throw at him to hurt him.

Lucas is amused by her behaviour until a knife grazed his elbow. His amusement faded and he narrowed his eyes.

"Lola, you will get hurt" he warned her.

His injuries will heal within seconds. He didn't kidnap her to hurt her. She is just a bargaining chip to Michael. He doesn't want her to hurt herself. That thought alone is making him anxious.

When a knife actually grazed him, Lola began to throw the knives with more force and vigour.

"Lola" he warned her with an edge in his voice. When she didn't listen, he erased the distance between them before she could blink and kiss her. Knifes slipped from her fingers with shock. When he tasted her lips, he was addicted. He deepened the kiss by nipping and sucking at her lips. 

Lola should not enjoy his kiss like she is doing. Instead of pushing him away, she stood there like a statue. Slowly reality began to trickle in and her eyes widened with shock. She pushed him away and rubbed her lips to erase him from her lips.

"As*hole" she cursed him angrily.

Lucas licked his lips suggestively and smirked at her.

"Try Lucas Princess" he offered his name.

Lola snorted.

"The name As*hole suits you better" she quipped.

Lucas is having fun with their banter. He was bored with women who fall all over themselves to please him. But this one is trying to kill him.

"Keep this up and I have to kiss you again " he rubbed his lower lip with his thumb for emphasis.

Lola glared at him before stomping away.

He didn't expect her to declare war upon him.

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