Stockholm syndrome

Lola should not want to hug her kidnapper. But she is so lonely, she wanted some warmth and affection from another person. Sadly, the only person who is available with her right now is her kidnapper. 

"Don't think I will go easy on you because I am hugging you now. As soon as I feel better, I will start annoying you untill you send me back to my house is" Lola warned Lucas.

He smiled when he heard her words. He caressed her hair softly. He is feeling guilty. But her words proved that she is indeed a strong woman. 

"I don't expect anything less from you. But can we seize fire for today? I will tell you how my presentation went and you can tell me why you are sad. I mean, if you are intrusted. Let's pretend that we are friends for today" he extended an olive branch.

Lola already began to feel better after hugging him. But for a change he is not taunting her or punishing her. He is being gentle and considerate. So she agreed. Moreover she n
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Zama Phungula
A milkshake lasting long enough for Lucas to travel with from town to town, and it being consumed hours later(missed lunch and dinner) .........

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