Greed vs good

After taking care of Lucifer, Lucas came back to the corridor where Belial is. Once pristine corridor is now filled with blood, gore and bodies. Dillon, Valmore and Baron are fighting against Belial. But even being singled out, Belial is effortlessly fighting the three of them off. The three of them are injured, but none of them refused to retreat. They kept fighting, even though their bodies are begging them to stop.

Lucas walked closer, which Belial and the others noticed. Belial tried to run away, but Dillon remembered what his brother-in-law wanted him to do earlier. So he spilt the oil from the oil lamp beside him in Belial's path, so that he would slip and fall.

Just like Lucas thought, Belial didn't notice the oil in his haste to run away. He stepped his foot on the oil and fell down.

Dillon, Valmore and Baron moved aside, giving space for Lucas to take care of Belial.

When Belial saw that Lucas is standing right in front of him, he picked up his sword which slipped from his
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I hope Lucifer lives and for sure Belial. Dies kinda a cliffhanger here lol thanks for the update
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Oh I hope Lucifer pulls through somehow…

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