You and me

Faiya noticed Lucian coming closer. She panicked and fled from the ballroom where the party is being hosted. Lucian smirked and closely followed after her.

Faiya ran out of the ballroom and out towards the courtyard. She knows he will find her if she runs into her bed-chamber. Lucian is very talented. He has the talent to unlock any lock in seconds. Once she made the mistake of hiding in her bed-chamber. But he unlocked the door and walked in, effectively trapping her.

She ran into a dark corner and hid behind a tree with thick branches. She hid there for a few minutes. When she didn't hear any approaching footsteps, she peeked from behind the tree and came face to face with her tormentor.

She gasped with shock when she saw him standing right in front of her. With each deep intake of her breath, her breasts are touching his hard chest.

She tried to move away from him, but he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her beck into him, leaving little to no space between their bodies
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Oh this is going to be good I can already tell

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