Epilogue 2

Epilogue 2

After 10 years,

In a small town named Vimbleton which is closer to the borders of a country, where the army officials, constant security checks, army vehicles and they helicopters are a common sight. In that town lives a girl named Ariel, who lost both her parents. Her father was an army man, who perished doing his duty. Her mother who couldn't live away from her father relocated to the town where her father died so that she could stay close to her husband. After a few years, she too passed away with heartache, leaving the teenager alone.

Ariel finished her school and began to work part-time for her expenses. Their house which is situated at the end of the town is the only thing left behind by her parents. She disguises herself as a boy to protect herself from bullies.

Ares is born as Atticus, the chief military officer stationed near the borders of Wimbledon. Despite being young, he climbed the ranks with his smart war skills and accurate predictions. To date, not a
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How about finishing the last book
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I can’t find this book is it out yet
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Nans Smith
have written this new book yet. I can't wait to read it
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