Chapter 41


My brain could not comprehend what Mila said about the Alpha. He’s after the three of us. It sounded like a cat and mouse situation. In short, he’s going to kill us. Of course, he could easily do that with one snap. He is the strongest man in this town. Comparing me, I am just a half-blood wolf whom everyone can defeat

I am nothing to him. It’s either I fight or I die. And I chose to fight and die rather than lose my life for nothing.

These past few days whenever I attend my classes, the chairs and the students inside our classroom were decreasing. They were being transferred to the same class or same teacher but in a different section. And whenever I look at other classrooms, there was a surge of students. There are even students who are standing up just to catch up. Why are they avoiding me? Am I someone they should be scared of?

It came to a point where there were only eleven of us in the class. The two of them were Gwen and Aki, and the others were t
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