My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

By:  Caroline Above Story  Completed
Language: English
88 ratings
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(Sequel of Pregnant and rejected by my alpha mate. Can be read alone. )Today I had my first kiss. It wasn’t planned. It was also with a complete stranger. As I walked through the halls of my school, Higala Shifter Academy, I paused when a familiar sense washed over me. My boyfriend, Scott, was nearby, and he wasn’t alone. “You are so naughty, Scott,” the she-wolf Sarah chuckled. “Only for you, babe,” he replied, muffled as her lips closed around his. At that moment, I felt sick to my stomach. “Oh, Scott. Stop it. You know we can’t be seen together. What if your girlfriend finds us?” “She’s in class. She’s never late. You don’t need to worry.” My heart was heavy in my chest, but also a wave of fury and resentment crossed me.“Lila?” Scott breathed, staring at me in shock “What are you—” Before he could get the entire question out, I turned to the gentleman beside me, placing my hands on his shoulders and pulling him toward me. He went easily, though his eyes showed nothing but confusion. I closed my eyes tightly so I wouldn’t have to see his expression any longer. Then, our lips touched. Later, I walked into my class but found,It was him… The man I kissed only moments ago in the hallway. The man I had given my first kiss to, was my professor.

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My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Novel penned by Caroline Above Story is a captivating werewolf romance that unfolds within the hallowed halls of Higala Shifter Academy.


Lila's world turns topsy-turvy when an impulsive kiss connects her with a stranger, only to discover he's entangled with her boyfriend. Jealousy and intrigue weave a complex web, culminating in a passionate encounter that alters her destiny. As fate intervenes, Lila stumbles into her classroom, stunned to find her unexpected lover is none other than her professor.


With a mesmerizing blend of love, secrecy, and an intoxicating age gap, this narrative boasts an impressive 9.0 rating, 640 chapters, and over 356.6K views, promising an exhilarating odyssey of emotions. Immerse yourself now and uncover the twists of this magnetic tale!

Main Characters


a clever and kind young she-wolf, attends Higala Shifter Academy. As the Moonlight pack alpha's daughter, she learns her boyfriend, Scott, is cheating with Sarah.


a formidable alpha with a shadowy history, leads the feared Black Shadow pack. As the youngest alpha, he instructs combat at Higala Shifter Academy, encountering Lila and battling his feelings.


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Jessika Monforton
After leaving a review for the "prequel" to this I realized I never reviewed this book!! I really love this book, and how much you can really feel for the characters and the amount of unexpected turn of events is extremely intriguing and captivating (I'm usually good at predictions lol).Must read!
2024-06-09 11:15:30
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Karina Bach
The book titles of this author really don't do the stories justice. So many twists, turns and thought-out plot; I'm glued to my phone reading. I enjoyed this one more than the prequel, but the prequel allowed me to understand more.
2024-05-18 12:01:11
default avatar
it's an awesome book and I truly loved the story.
2024-05-13 05:05:41
default avatar
love it!!!
2024-04-22 08:19:41
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Kaddy Songbird Chosen
this book is on NovelOasis and it consists of 350 chapters. The chapters are longer and pay less to read. yes it is completed at the 668 here.
2024-04-04 19:45:18
default avatar
I really like the book, but chapters are quite short...
2024-03-06 11:20:07
user avatar
Nicole Wallen
Is chapter 688 the last chapter? It says ongoing, but I've been reading quite a few days, and I haven't seen an update?
2024-02-20 10:55:37
user avatar
Erika Shearer
need a update soon
2024-02-14 07:34:32
default avatar
Is this all one book? So long!
2024-02-06 14:13:33
user avatar
LaVonda Loveinmyfi
need nore updates please
2024-01-14 03:58:15
user avatar
Sarah-jane Evans
I've already got this book in my library so I'm a bit confused as I've read all chapters up to date
2024-01-12 01:09:08
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Amanda Dawn Shackelford White
i love this book but the only why is author not updating this book. Update please as well us know when you will update.
2024-01-08 11:34:14
user avatar
Mihaela Đunđek
I love tis book! We neeeeeeed nore please update!!!!
2023-12-12 07:20:04
default avatar
Ainaz Jalili
Love it ...️...️
2023-11-30 20:40:23
user avatar
Ibrahim Amatullah
Can I read the book as a stand-alone?
2023-11-22 04:41:49
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688 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Lila’s POV Today I had my first kiss. It wasn’t planned. It was also with a complete stranger. I’ve always had my first kiss envisioned from the moment I learned what real love was. I imagined the sparks we would feel as we share that passionate moment. I imagined what my wolf would feel like whe
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Chapter 0002
Lila’s POV I couldn’t believe that the man I had shared my first kiss with was my professor. Suddenly, it felt like the arena wasn’t big enough. Professor Enzo was extremely handsome and incredibly muscular. I ran my eyes from his gorgeous grey eyes down to his incredible 8 pack abs. His arms were
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Chapter 0003
Lila’s POV “Everybody needs to get off their phones!” Professor Enzo’s voice was deep and boomed across the arena. I couldn’t even move; my entire body felt frozen as I stared at the picture on Becca’s phone. I glanced around the arena only to be met with a bunch of curious and shocked expressions
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Chapter 0004
Lila’s POV My mother took one look at my face and started laughing. “Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” She asked. “Enzo is Blaise’s son?” I asked; I was completely and utterly shocked. “I had no idea he had kids.” My mother nodded. “I don’t think Enzo was ever close to his father,” she
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Chapter 0005
Enzo’s POV 12 year earlier “Enzo…?” My mother woke me up during the night, tears filling her big brown eyes, and dripping delicately off her long and dark lashes. I groggily woke, to find her standing over me. “Mom?” I asked, peering at her through the dark of the night. It was cold; we didn’t
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Chapter 0006
Lila’s POV I wasn’t feeling good. I don’t know if it was something I ate; perhaps I had too much cake. Or maybe it was too much to drink. I only had a couple of glasses of wine at most. But I was suddenly feeling lightheaded. I was also feeling a wave of heat crossing my features. My heartbeat wa
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Chapter 0007
“Wait… Scott was here?” I asked, raising my brows. The blonde girl must have been Sarah. What were they even doing here? I hadn’t told anyone, including Brianna, that Scott and I broke up. “Yes; like I said, with a blonde chick,” she said with an eye roll. “I know he’s your boyfriend, but I don’
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Chapter 0008
Third Person POV It was easy getting into Lila’s party when Scott’s dad was there. Scott and Sarah didn’t even need an excuse to attend. Actually, Scott’s father insisted that he showed up. Sarah spent the better part of her morning picking wolfbane from her personal garden. She turned the wolfba
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Chapter 0009
“She was supposed to get her wolf today,” Max explained. “I could feel her nearby. As soon as I felt her, I knew she was our mate. But the poison is blocking her now. She’s there… but she’s also not there at the same time.” “That sounds like the work of wolfbane,” I say in return to my wolf. “Whic
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Chapter 0010
Enzo’s POV Was she about to tell me she was a Volana wolf? No. It wasn’t possible. Volana wolves were said to be the most powerful creatures in the universe. Lila might have been talented, but she certainly wasn’t powerful. But still, the girl was undeniably strange. But what’s most strange i
Read more Protection Status