Chapter 46



There are times the wanting the truth is similar to telling me that I crave ice cream for the day. And there are times when I don’t want to hear the truth though there’s an urge inside me to find it out. Similar to wanting ice cream while feeling ill.

Truth hurts. Truth pains. Truth is unbelievable.

The tears from my eyes marked my face with a wet line. It felt like lava burning my skin every second it stays on it. It’s too painful to listen to the truth. I can’t be that wicked alpha’s daughter. I chose to be human. I will always choose to be a normal one.

“I don’t want to listen to that, Nana. Please tell me you’re lying,” I said as I held both of Nana’s raspy century-old hands, begging for a twist. I wanted a plot twist now just like how I crave it when reading the story. And most characters, just like me, rejects the twist at first.

Nana shook her head. I wished she lied this time. I wished she did everything to twist the truth and make me fe
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