The Lycan King

The Lycan King

By:  Blair Cahill  Completed
Language: English
80 ratings
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'He was her saviour and she was his redemption.' Avalyn has been a slave of her fathers's murderer for eight years before he sold her off in an auction. Nikolai didn't plan on finding his mate, but now that he did, he was going to keep her, even if he had to be her mate, her master or her lover. He'll take her as she will have him. Follow Nikolai and Avalyn on their journey from being the Alpha and Luna of The Rogue Pack to becoming the Lycan King and Queen.Trigger warning: sexual acts of violence. The contents of this book are graphic and light BDSM involved.Feel free to check out the sequel: *The Faye Queen*!

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Agnieszka Kruczkowska
Absolutely amazing love with the characters story flow etc
2023-08-02 06:57:50
user avatar
Karima is gifted. I keep wondering how she comes up with all these stories for all her books and they are all high rated. I can never get tired of reading her book.
2023-07-11 06:11:30
user avatar
Dee Dee
One of my favorites. I loved this book and the second as well. It’s a must read!
2022-10-05 04:44:25
user avatar
i highly recommend this book and the sequel, Faye Queen. I fell in love with the story and I’m hoping the author continues it. I was so engaged in reading that I laughed, cried, feared, and prayed for the characters! I’ll be following this author looking forward to MORE! Must read!!!
2022-07-13 01:34:44
user avatar
I love this story!
2022-07-12 02:59:09
user avatar
Valerie Bolden
Truly enjoyed both books. Will their be anymore sequel such as Dimitri and Elijah or the children story?
2022-07-07 01:24:07
default avatar
Excellent book! Nikolai is an amazing man and how he helps Ava grow into herself is both heartwarming and steamy.
2022-06-29 22:33:12
user avatar
I loved this book! Great read
2022-05-12 05:53:10
user avatar
Trista Williams
Great story very engaged
2022-05-11 09:11:54
user avatar
Onica Smith
Aside from the massive spelling and grammar errors it is a really good story. it is a must read if you like this genre even with the massive spelling errors
2022-04-27 08:12:27
default avatar
Louise Von Dohren Lane
This is a great story.. worth the read and the 2nd book also.. laughs love and tears..
2022-04-24 08:01:58
default avatar
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this entire story line ...️
2022-04-15 11:24:41
default avatar
I love this book
2022-03-22 01:18:34
user avatar
Chapter 75 and 76 are the same. Figured I'd post that info here in case the author couldn't see the chapter comments.
2022-03-08 04:11:47
user avatar
Marjan Kollen-Romeijn
great story, although there are quite some spelling issues.
2022-01-16 21:43:15
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94 Chapters
1. Rescue
Nikolai 'Are you sure she is here?' Alexander asked me through the mind-link as we walked down the dimly lit hallway. 'Yes. My men have found her,' I replied. I wouldn't be wasting my time like this if I wasn't sure. Alex was an old friend of mine. He was a part of my pack before he met his mate and joined the Wintercrown Pack. And now he needed to rescue his mate before she got auctioned off. Apparently, there was an attack on his pack. The attackers were unknown but they stole a lot of money and kidnapped quite a few females. Their Alpha was killed and his twenty-year-old son had to take over as the new Alpha. Too many lives were lost and the pack was too unstable without an experienced Alpha to save their females. The new Alpha, Zain, made the right decision to cut his losses and focus on stabilizing the pack instead of potentially risking getting into a war. So, Alex approached me. And there we were, in New York, halfway across the world from the supernatural island Jiv, the l
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2. Mission Accomplished
Nikolai 'Arrange for a dress by tomorrow morning and have the room service send in some food,' I mind-linked Vladimir. 'Yes, Alpha,' he replied. I took out my laptop and got to work. Ten minutes in, Ava stepped out. She had a towel wrapped around herself. Her hair was still wet and for some reason, that turned me on. "Come here," I said and she bit her lip before walking over to me. She stood in front of me nervously and I took a whiff. My nose crinkled as I smelled the faint stench of that place and of Gonzalez. "Again," I told her. She looked a bit confused. "Go shower again," I clarified. "Yes, Master," she whispered and went back into the bathroom. I continued my work. This time, she took twenty minutes to bathe herself before she stepped out. "Come here," I told her. She shuffled closer to me and I took a deep whiff. The smell of that place was almost gone but I could still smell Gonzalez. Both my wolf and I hated the smell of another man on her. It simply woul
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3. Bad Dream
Nikolai I got up early and made good use of the hotel's fitness center. I was in there for two good hours before I made my way back to the suite. I wondered if Ava was awake. How would she react to finding me gone? I had Andrei stand guard at the door so that no one except me could enter. And so that she wouldn't run away. I was sure she wouldn't do that, especially after last night, but I didn't want to take any chances when we were on foreign soil. "Any movement?" Maybe she had tried to leave but found Andrei and changed her plans. Or maybe his presence made her anxious. Hopefully he assured her that I was coming back. I should have left a note. "Nope. She's probably still sleeping. It must have been a long night for her," he replied. As always, his face was impassive when he was on duty but his eyes reflected a mix of concern and agitation. Concern for Ava and anger at the situation we found her in. She didn't deserve it. I nodded. "Thanks, you can take a break. We leave in an h
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4. Home
Nikolai Ava woke up halfway through our drive home. She was disoriented for a few minutes, until she looked out of the window and got fascinated by the view. I was glad she liked it. She could go explore the land whenever she wanted to. Silverwitch Bay was beautiful and the best part about it was that most of it was under my rule, which meant no one would dare to cross me within its borders. And Ava would be safe. Soon, we reached the estate. The gates were opened and after a minute's ride, we reached the driveway. The mansion overlooked the Silverwitch Bay and I could see Ava trying to look past the palm trees towards the beach, eager to see her new home. "We can go to the beach in the evening if you want," I told her, guiding her up the entrance steps to the door. "It's beautiful there, especially at sunset." "Thank you, I would like that very much," Ava replied shyly. As soon as we reached the main doors, the guards and the slaves who were dressed appropriately as maids, as per
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5. Delicious
Avalyn "Why were you late? I told you I hate waiting, pet!" he snapped at me. I crawled and kneeled next to his feet. "I'm sorry Master, I was cooking for your guests," I whispered, my eyes trained to the floor. "You were cooking, eh? You kept me waiting for two minutes, pet. The first part of your punishment is that you will not have food for two days," he chuckled sadistically. "Yes, Master, thank you, Master." I trembled, willing myself to not cry so he wouldn’t extend my punishment. Not having food for a couple of days was normal. What made me scared was the other half of the punishment. He picked up my leash and started walking. I crawled behind him, trying to keep up with his pace. The other housekeepers looked at me in pity. No one said a thing. No one could say a word to him. He brought me to the living room. I could see a lot of expensive-looking shoes. They must have been his guests’. He never let me wear clothes, saying he couldn't deny himself the pleasure of looking
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6. Spy
Nikolai One Week Later. "What the fuck were you doing on my land?" I growled at the wolf in front of me. A couple of days ago, I got some intel that Emilio had sent spies to infiltrate my pack. I put my men on alert and we found out that a man had been added to every guest list of every party in the pack - whether it was a club or a private party, a party of teenagers or the elites. The dumbass didn't even think of using a different name. Upon further investigation, they realized that he wasn't even from the fucking pack. It is easy to get drunk people to talk and he was clearly snooping around. The patrol wolves got an appropriate punishment for the mistake. "As if I am going to tell you." The dimwit spat on the ground. Did he not realize he was my prisoner and at my mercy? There was no use in playing the loyal warrior of his pack. I had his life in the palm of my hand. "And here I thought that we can have a civilized conversation." I tsked, shaking my head. All of us in the dun
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7. Good things come to those who wait
Nikolai "Natalia says she will be here in one month, once she completes her current assignment," Mikhail said. I nodded at that. She was very thorough with her job. "What about the small neighbourhood heads?" I asked Dimitri. "We are still on it. We have targeted a few neighbourhoods from where I know we will get some intel," he replied, showing me the file with all the information of the heads and their pictures. I looked through all of them. "Don't take this one. It may be a small area, but it is in a good neighbourhood. Covering for a missing person will be difficult. I don't want them pissing their pants." I rolled my eyes. "Topa is too close to Fusco. Find another one," I told him. "They have to be far away, with no connection to each other and in a bad neighbourhood where no one cares who goes missing." "Adding a couple of warriors would be good. They have good connections. Trackers too," Vladimir muttered. I nodded. "No more than five people," I said. We discussed each on
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8. Fight it out
Nikolai When I saw the first rays of the sun, I got out of bed and headed to the training grounds. I couldn't sleep all night; I was too furious. I needed to talk to Avalyn. I needed to ask her about her previous Masters. I would get the list of all the people who had hurt her and kill them slowly. I was already thinking about new torture techniques. Were all of her previous Masters just sadistic fucks who raped her? Judging by her age, she couldn't have had many masters, but you never know in our fucked up world. I should have fucking trusted my gut. She didn’t even know what she wanted. I fucking knew I needed to wait and that she needed time. But like a dumbass, when she offered, I couldn't say no. Was she even offering because she actually wanted it or because she realized that I wanted it? Maybe she was confusing my wants with her wants. It could be because she was trained to put others' needs before hers, so much so that fulfilling others' needs had become her need. That was
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9. Past
Avalyn "When I was thirteen years old, Emmanuel killed my father to become the Alpha. He was Papa's Beta and my favourite uncle. He had been very close to us, but his desire for more power led him to do it. Initially, I didn't know he killed him. They made it seem like it was a rogue attack. Like his death was an accident. A casualty." Her eyes teared up. "But it was Emmanuel and a few of his loyal men. They were our pack members. They were all sworn to protect me and Papa, but they betrayed us. They killed him." A sob tore from her throat. "They killed Papa." "Emmanuel, who had treated me like his own daughter all my life, told me that they were attacked and that Papa didn't make it. And I believed him," she said and her eyes focused on me again. "I believed him like a fool." "You were young, Avalyn, not a fool. It is natural to trust adults, especially ones that were there for you throughout your life." She pressed her lips together and shook her head. "I still should have known.
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10.Game Time
Nikolai I woke up the next morning and the first thing I did was train with the pack. I hadn't seen everyone in a while and wanted to check up on them. I had already told all of them that I had found my mate. They were excited to meet her, but I gave them strict instructions to steer clear of her until further notice. The last thing she needed was overwhelming attention. "The mission was successful. The area heads are already in the dungeon," Dimitri informed me after we were done. I smirked and nodded. I was itching for some blood. "Thirty minutes," I told everybody. I went to my room and saw Ava wasn't there. I took a quick shower and went to the kitchen, hoping to catch her before I had to leave. She was there, making pancakes for Andrei and Sofiya. I walked up to her and gave her a peck. "Good morning." I smiled. "Good morning." She smiled back. "Will you have pancakes?" "Only a couple, with chocolate," I said and sat down at the counter. If she wished, I would have breakfas
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