"Lucy, Alek...can you drop me at my classroom?" sweetly smiling, the six-year-old Lissie links her arms to her brothers.

Two arched brows turn to her like she lost her mind.

"I thought you doesn't want us near you at school?" Lucy suspiciously asks.

"What happened, Lissie? Is someone bothering you? Tell me who and I will deal with them" Alek who suddenly becomes serious, sharply mutters.

"Alek, there you are again. No one is bothering me and no one would dare" she incredulously glares at her brother.

"Then why do you want us to drop you at your classroom?" Lucy added. His suspicion intensified.

For an eighteen-year-old, he could protect his sister from anyone at school. Not to mention Alek who is fourteen and quite hot-headed for any provocation. Xander, who is the softer version of Lucy, serves as their peacemaker.

They would always visit Lissie in grade school without her knowledge. It's been in secret after she issued her ultimatum. She doesn't want to be overly doted upon, sin
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What happened to Sam & Gabriel?? Need update on their romance!
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Love this couple...️Lucy he’s father’s son.

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