Beyond the Divorce

Beyond the Divorce

By:  Third Blossom  Completed
Language: English
145 ratings
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Most people often see marriage as a reincarnation for women. So, countless foolish women jump into one without a second thought. Many people see my husband as the perfect husband. He cared for me and loved me in every way. Yet, he still cheated on me right under my nose. Faced with the hypocrisy and ugliness behind his facade as a perfect husband, I've decided to serve him karma on a silver platter!

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addicted to this
2024-07-17 17:48:23
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I love this book wish it had a little more chapters
2024-07-16 09:28:02
user avatar
Joyce Marie Willia
If I had known this book was this long, I would have never started reading it. I will check out the number of chapters next time.
2024-07-14 15:44:39
user avatar
Hilda Sanes
I enjoyed the book. When I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I even wish it had more chapters, but all good things must come to an end eventually. I would recommend to anyone!
2024-07-13 23:11:30
default avatar
Treasure Joshua
Best book eva
2024-07-13 04:56:26
user avatar
Good novel, but the chapters are not long enough. It should be more than 4 or 5 pages.
2024-07-09 16:28:11
user avatar
Mary Ann Daproza
it's a very nice novel
2024-07-06 10:57:46
user avatar
Odili Obi
I love this novel , so interesting ...
2024-07-04 17:04:28
user avatar
Angela Diaz
I love the book
2024-07-01 19:03:42
user avatar
Wisilungliu Newmai
2024-07-01 10:42:30
default avatar
Nice storyline
2024-07-01 05:56:15
default avatar
This book is very influential and there are so many people that can relate to it.
2024-06-27 22:47:54
default avatar
This girl is testing my patience, how can she be so stupid and cry all the time when you’ve clearly seen what’s happening
2024-06-27 16:46:41
default avatar
Wouldn’t even start reading this book,over a thousand chapters.
2024-06-25 05:50:13
user avatar
Pooja Haswani
This book is amazing.. I wish it never ends..
2024-06-25 02:46:46
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1558 Chapters
Chapter 1 Breadcrumbs of Clues
As night fell, I could finally relax after putting my daughter to bed. I grabbed my phone and mindlessly scrolled through TikTok when a street fashion live broadcast caught my eye.I straightened up and focused on the screen, but the host had already switched the camera angle. My heart pounded, and my hands started to feel clammy as I held my phone. I checked the time and confirmed it was a live broadcast happening in the same city.Then I hurriedly exited TikTok and video-called my husband, Matthew Murphy.He was supposed to be on a three-day business trip in Canta, yet I just saw him on the live broadcast with another woman in his arms. The phone rang for a long while before he finally answered the call.Matthew’s camera shook slightly, and his handsome face appeared on my phone’s screen. He greeted me warmly, “Hey, honey!”"Where are you?" I asked urgently as my eyes scanned the footage from his end. He looked like he was in a corridor of a restaurant, and he was wearing a whit
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Chapter 2 A Substantial Amount of Information
I was about to pick up the phone to see who the sender was when Matthew hurried into the room and took the phone. He glanced at it hastily, then looked back at me."It's Mel!""What's the matter? Are you afraid that I'll find something?" I looked at him suspiciously and felt uneasy as if something was wrong.The message had only four words. "Did she find out?"It was enough for me because it implied the other person feared I’d find out about something. The message also showed a hint of ambiguity, so I scrutinized Matthew. My gut feeling surged as my premonition grew heavier.Matthew chuckled casually and threw the phone back on the bedside table. Then he pulled me into his arms and kissed my lips, saying, “You’re overthinking! It’s not about you, but my sister, Mel. She’s using me as a cover to scam Mom for money.”Mel was Matthew’s younger sister, Melanie Murphy. She had been weak and sickly since childhood, so her family always pampered and spoiled her. She also behaved like a
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Chapter 3 Anxiety
"Two days ago? Where?" I asked, feeling a little anxious.Ivanna noticed my reaction and retorted, "What’s with that look?""Where did you see him?" I couldn't care less about bantering with her and continued pressing for answers.However, Ivanna's phone started ringing. She glanced at the screen and hushed me before leaning into her chair and answering the call. After a few sentences, she straightened up, glanced at me, and said, "What?! I'll be right there!"Immediately after, she closed her laptop and stuffed it into her bag. "I have to go. Let's meet up again another time!""Wait... You..." I had more questions, but she ignored me and left.She said she saw Matthew two days ago, but he was supposed to be on his business trip in Canta then. Where did she see him? Was she at Canta for a trip as well?I shrunk back into the seat silently. I was helpless, but a strange sense of fear filled my heart. The TikTok video kept playing in my mind, but I wasn’t sure if it was Matthew.
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Chapter 4 The Truth Hurts
I hurried back to the bedroom and answered the call to complain, "You're something else, huh? You left me hanging!""Something came up at work, so I was in a rush." Ivanna sounded tired. "I just finished settling it. That's why I'm calling you now. Why are you complaining? Do you think my life is as easy as yours?"I hesitated to reply but couldn't hold back and asked her, "Um, you mentioned seeing Matthew two days ago. Where was he? What time was it?"This question had been bugging me all day.Ivanna paused on the other end before she answered calmly, "Honestly, I forgot the exact location. It was just a fleeting glimpse while I was driving.""Oh." For some reason, her answer left me a bit disappointed. Although my heart dropped, I unclenched my fists and realized my palms were cold and sweaty. I chuckled and wondered whether or not I wanted to prove Matthew was having an affair.I must admit he was my everything, and I feared losing him."I realize how obsessed you are with yo
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Chapter 5 Strong Evidence
Melanie didn't stay long after dinner. She pouted at Matthew and asked, "Matt, can you give me a ride?"I rolled my eyes at her and glanced her way, but she feigned ignorance as she clung to Matthew's arm, acting like a spoiled brat.Matthew looked at me with a helpless smile, but since I didn’t respond, he awkwardly said, “Wait a while. I’ll help Chloe with the dishes and then take you out.”I was honestly sick of Melanie's behavior and didn't want to see her for another minute, so I waved Matthew away. "You go ahead and take her where she wants to go. I can handle the dishes myself.""Daddy, where are you going? I want to go too!" Ava called out, standing up from her chair as she extended her little hands for Matthew to pick her up.Matthew lifted Ava and pecked her cheek, saying, "Daddy will be home soon! Be good and play with Mommy, okay?""What's the point of you coming along, kid?" Melanie questioned. She had no patience for Ava.I took Ava from Matthew. "Sweetheart, Daddy
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Chapter 6 Another Mrs. Murphy
I had only visited Tanum Corporation once when they first relocated to Galar Tower. Matthew took me there, and we rented an entire floor, which gave me a sense of accomplishment.That day, he held me as we stood by the floor-to-ceiling window in his office and said affectionately, "Thank you for helping me and changing my life. Believe me, my love. It won't be long before I give this building to you."I chuckled at his words. Now, he was about to tear it all apart.When I entered the building, the young and attractive receptionist asked me which floor I was going to and who I was looking for. When I mentioned Matthew's name, she gave me a quick once-over and said with a smile, "I'm sorry, madam. Mr. Murphy is not in. He went out with his wife."My head buzzed when I heard that. Although I had mentally prepared myself for it, her answer still shocked me. I tightened my grip around my handbag, but my voice turned somewhat sharp despite my efforts to control my emotions. "What did you
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Chapter 7 Looking for Evidence
I had almost finished preparing the food when Matthew returned with our daughter. Ava ran in, exclaiming in her sweet and childish voice, “Mommy, I’m back! Daddy picked me up!”Her adorable voice brought tears to my eyes, but I suppressed my emotions. "I got you some pineapples. They’re your favorite, right?""Oh! Mommy, you're the best! I can’t wait to eat them" She ran out and headed to Matthew, saying, "Daddy, I want to eat pineapples!""You can have a small piece for now. You can have more after dinner, okay?" Matthew washed his hands and took a small piece to hand to our eager little girl. Then he squeezed into the tiny kitchen and hugged me from behind. "Why did you make so much food?"I felt terrible because this once-happy family of three was now on the verge of collapsing."You just came back from a business trip. You must be tired." I forced a smile and asked, "Were you busy today?"He hummed a reply, and my heart immediately sank. I playfully nudged him with my elbow.
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Chapter 8 Unexpected Company
I forced myself out of bed the following day. The dark circles around my eyes were horrible, and Matthew noticed them. He asked in surprise, “The following day, I forced myself out of bed. My dark circles were horrible. Matthew saw my haggard face and asked in surprise, "Are you sick, Coco? Why do you look so pale?""You kept me up all night," I retorted, not in the mood for pleasantries.He was stunned but hugged me with a shy grin. "No more drinking for you. Exercise is better instead since it helps with sleep."I didn't know why, but my stomach churned when I heard his words. I rushed to the bathroom, vomiting and crying.Matthew rushed in behind me and patted my back. "What's wrong with you? Maybe I should take you to the hospital."I pushed him away and lied, "It's nothing. I just didn't sleep well. You should take Ava to kindergarten. I'll be fine once I rest a bit more."He lifted and laid me back on the bed, pulling the blanket over me. "Then get some sleep while I se
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Chapter 9 Misfortunes Come in Threes
I smiled bitterly, replied, “Okay,” and then hung up. Ivanna had become a conniving woman in my eyes. She had pretended to be sincere in advising me to reflect on my values, but now she mocked me in front of my husband.I finally realized how unpredictable people could be. No wonder she tried to probe me by claiming to have seen Matthew. It became evident that it was because of her guilty conscience.Matthew had said it had been long since he saw Ivanna. I felt heartbroken that he had deceived me like that. I invested myself in Ivanna and Matthew in this unfamiliar city, and they betrayed me. I didn’t know who to trust anymore.I kept staring at the window before calling Matthew. As I suspected, his response matched Ivanna’s.I was outraged and rushed to the cafe, but my phone rang as I entered. I received a call from the kindergarten teacher, saying that Ava had fallen off the slide and got sent to the hospital. The news terrified me, and I quickly hailed a cab to the hospital.O
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Chapter 10 A Shocking Thought
Before I could answer, Matthew explained, "She's not feeling well."He touched my shoulder gently and said, "Don't worry, honey. The doctor said it wasn’t serious. We can go home once Ava's passed the observation period."Home?! That word was a trigger for me. I got up and pushed Matthew away before running out of the ward, sobbing. The cracks in this family were already showing, and I knew it might shatter at any moment. Now, Ava's future stepmother was here, flaunting around me.Ivanna followed me as I rushed out, and Ava started crying again."Coco, what's wrong with you? Don't scare Ava like that." Ivanna grabbed my arm, trying to console me. "Hold it in for a while. The kid is more important.""Hold it in? How can I?!” I roared and glared at Ivanna.I realized I had lost control and tried to collect myself, but I was trembling. My mouth twitched as I said, "You should go back! We're fine. Since you’re so busy, you don't have to delay your work for us!" Afterward, I brush
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