Chapter 13: I'm Broke

Ellena froze as soon as she heard the voice. She glanced at the phone screen. It was still an unknown number. But she did not need to think that it was the voice of “Nicklaus.”

Ellena frowned. Why was he calling her? Hadn’t he left yet? It’s already noon.

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

The reply she got was the sound of the call being terminated.

Ellena looked at the black screen in disbelief. He hung up on her? She was so frustrated that she held her head and squatted down.

Did everyone take the oath to make things difficult for her?

Madeline and Ralph gave birth to her but didn’t love her.

She was forced to marry into the Arnoult family. Her husband, Edward, hated her so much that he refused to see her.

That was also fine to some extent. But now this “Nicklaus” kept pestering her creating more and more unnecessary problems in her life.

She really did not want to bother with this shameless man. But, if she were to ignore what “Nicklaus” said, would he tell Edward that she had se
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Wilma Hernacio
another plot of stories and living it the more I read in it.
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Nau Zom
why not talk to each other

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