Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

By:  Miss River  Updated just now
Language: English
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In order to get her family's love, she always pretended to be ugly and dumb. But instead of getting her family's attention, what she got was hatred and disgust. What's more her family set her marriage, instead of her sister, to a cripple and impotent man. On the day of her wedding, her own mother came to her and begged her. "Your sister deserves much better. You have to help her!" Lost in despair, she agreed to meet her family's decision and married to her sister's fiancée. On her wedding night, her husband looked at her and frowned, "You are too ugly." So what do you think will happen when she marries to that man? Will she regret or there will be some miracle in her life?

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how many chapters does this novel have? I hope it won't drag.
2022-12-06 17:01:31
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its awesome so far so good, I hope its not going to drag and I hope the chapters are not going to be much. well done author ...
2022-08-18 19:55:34
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Misty West
Any idea how many chapters this is going to have? Timeline for it?
2022-05-20 11:11:51
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Lisa Twist
its good so far hopefully i dont have to wait a year for the next chapter...
2022-05-06 09:40:48
default avatar
Jenelyn Ponte Talorong
Love the story
2022-09-18 16:36:51
666 Chapters
Chapter 1: You Don't Know Who You'll Marry?
Ellena sat in front of the vanity mirror and waited for the makeup artist to apply her makeup. Her eyes were lifeless and mind was blank. Suddenly, the door opened, and her mother, Madeline, hurried in. she saw Ellena’s messy hair and her long gray jacket that went with the gray look on her face. She instantly got angry. “The Arnoults are here. Why have you not changed your clothes?” Ellena pushed the black rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose and looked dumbfounded. “Mom, do you really want me to marry my sister’s fiancée?” Madeline thought she was making a big mistake by doing this, and her face turned white with anxiety. The Arnoults were waiting outside, and a simple mistake could destroy her whole family! She knelt in front of Ellena and anxiously said, “Ellena, I beg you. Your sister deserves better, why don’t you just help her!” Ellena’s hopeless eyes gradually became cold. Althought Madeline was her biological mother, she had favored the children of her father’s decea
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Chapter 2: I Might Treat You Better
He deliberately accentuated the word ‘waste of a man’ deeply, with a hint of provocation. The man approached her intentionally, the piercingly cold aura of him got even thicker and stronger. Ellena moved uncomfortably, and after a moment of disbelief, she believed his words. After all, Edward’s villa was not accessible to people outside his family or special guests like her. “He is your cousin. Please don’t talk about him like this.” Presumably, Edward had also had difficulties in his family. Ellena felt sympathy. Even if the Arnoults were top-tier socially, she sympathized with Edward’s situation. He must have had hard times in recent years. Edward’s brown eyes quickly flashed in surprise. He didn’t expect this ugly woman to say such words. He couldn’t help looking at her again. The messy hair, the black-framed glasses, soiled, long cotton clothes, and the bangs on her forehead almost think enough to cover her eyes. There were even a few small spots on her haggard face. It was di
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Chapter 3: Let the Game Begin
Sunlight crept from the balcony at the other side of the room, shining over the blanket wrapped around Ellena’s thin frame.Somehow, everything happened last night felt like a dream or perhaps a nightmare, at least, until her hands slide across the silky sheets around her.It wasn’t a dream, but her own cruel reality.As soon as she opened her eyes, she turned to the bedside to see it was empty.Edward didn’t return last night.Although her heart was slightly relieved, she could not help but felt a little uneasy by his absence. It felt like a knife was hanging over her head and wouldn’t go away.A part of her wanted to see him get it over with, but another part of her wanted to leave things as it was. Besides, she might feel pity for the scarred man, but she wasn’t ready for a relationship.Down the stairs, a bodyguard came over and led her to the dining hall.It was no secret that the Arnoult fami
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Chapter 4: Don't I Deserve a Thank You?
The black car stopped in front of Smith’s Villa.Ellena was about to unfasten the seat belt when Edward suddenly leaned over. Before she could even react, his slender and beautiful fingers, he pressed lightly on the dark buckle of the seat belt. The seat belt was immediately released with a slight snap.His face was handsome and compelling and was getting closer to her. As they faced each other, Ellena’s mind was settled and was as still as water. She couldn’t help but blush when she looked at his face and there was a trace of confusion in her glassy eyes.This man’s face was pretty enough to attract any woman he wanted. Whether old or young, she was hundred percent sure that they’d all fall victim to this man’s charm.However, as soon as Ellena remembered what he had done yesterday, her look returned to normal.He was nothing but a rich and nasty young kid who coveted his sister-in-law, like a spoiled child who
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Chapter 5: Like a Servant
As soon as Madeline heard the word “sister-in-law”, her face went dark deeply, and she gave Ellena a stern and cold look.If looks could kill, Ellena would have already been buried six feet under the ground with no way out. This time not even the richest man in the city could help draw her out from the mess “Nicklaus” had created for her.Was this man trying to get her killed?Madeline held Ellena’s hand and pulled her into the hall of the villa, then coldly let go.She looked at Ellena with a cold face, “Did the man just call you “sister-in-law? Is he Edward’s cousin?”“Yes.” It wasn’t that she could lie at this time.Slap!Madeline slapped Ellena in the face with all her strength.Ellena’s face swung to the side and her ears began to buzz. If she hadn’t balanced herself, she would’ve already collapsed to the ground from the force.
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Chapter 6: Unexpected Meet
Ellena looked straight in Madeline’s eyes, her voice was enough to send anyone running chills. “Apologize? What exactly should I apologize for?” In Madeline’s memory, this daughter was really smart and beautiful when she was just a child. But the more she grew up, the more ugly and stupid she had become. But this was the first time she saw the sharpness from Ellena’s eyes, and she was totally surprised by this change in temperament. “Naomi.” Madeline swallowed and turned around to whisper to Naomi, “Let’s forget about today, okay? If there is any chance and she’s mad, I’m afraid…” Although Naomi was unwilling, she had no choice but to let this matter go. If Ellena really goes crazy and does something stupid, and ended up angering the Arnoult family, all of them would be placed in jeopardy. Naomi had already escaped her slimy faith with that crippled man just a day ago and she certainly wasn’t going to test her luck a second time. If Arnoult fa
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Chapter 7: You Are Going to Do This
Edward also didn’t expect to meet Ellena here. With multiple gang members and criminals crawling under the shadows, it was not a safe place for women. Well, it was not a safe place for anyone no matter what, unless she’d like to be killed.He was tracking a man to this place, but he didn’t expect to be attacked instead. At this point, it was impossible to run away. So they had to find a place to hide.The dwellings were densely packed and the terrain was complex, so he quickly got disorientated, and it was almost impossible to tell where they were.He tried to take one his attackers hostage and then use that man to get away, but somehow he encountered Ellena by accident.But he didn’t know why, when he saw the tiny, dumb face of Ellena, he left an inexplicable sense of trust.He put his gun away and fixed on her with his gloomy eyes. His voice was low and cold. “What are you doing here?”“I live here
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Chapter 8: A Clever and Considerate Woman
“What?” When Ellena heard this, her legs almost went soft. She was almost panicked. “I can’t do this! I don’t know how!”Although she hated this man with all her might, she certainly wasn’t going to let him die in front of her eyes. And she wasn’t stupid enough to die along with him.Even though she was nothing more than an accident baby who was born through failure of conception, even though Ralph and Madeline took her as a curse on themselves and never liked her, she didn’t give up the hope for living a better life.And just because this man had a death wish, it didn’t mean that she also wanted it!Edward’s eyebrows raised, “Or would you prefer to be buried alongside with me?”Although it was still an indifferent tone, but there was an unquestionable firmness in it.It seemed that she had no option but to bite the bullet.With a pale face, Ellena went to g
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Chapter 9: Feed Him
The way Ellena served him the medicine was quite gentle, so gentle that he was a little moved by that.Then one thing led to another, and he just wanted to touch her, to feel her.After all, she was his wife, wasn’t she? Everything they did was completely natural.The corners of his lips inched up as he leaned deeper and deeper. Groaning his lips brushing against her, he found himself going deeper and deeper into her grasp.However, Ellena didn’t feel in the same way. In her eyes, he was “Nicklaus” Edward’s cousin!Over and over again, he teased her, kissed her, which were far beyond her tolerance.Ellena pushed him away abruptly, and stepped back a few steps, and kept some distance from him, said with a cold face. “Nicklaus, I’m your cousin’s wife! Even if you don’t like me, please show some respect!”After taking the bullet just now, her hatred towards “Douglas”
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Chapter 10: As a Stepping Stone
The next morning, Ellena was woken up by the ringing of her cellphone. She slowly opened her watery eyes and glanced at the phone who was kept vibrating at the side.To keep up her appearance of being a simple girl, she still used the old machine which could only make phone calls and send messages. Buying a smartphone would make her like her other family members and she couldn’t stand to be like them.She took her phone and looked at the caller ID, and immediately came to her senses.She hesitated for a moment before she picked up the phone, “Dad.”Why would he be calling her at this hour?Ralph Smith’s voice was as serious as always, “You went home yesterday? Who sent you back?”Ellena just felt bitterly disappointed. She had just gotten married. Why couldn’t her father ask a more relevant question than who took her home? For most of the part, Ralph rarely called her, let alone asked he
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