Chapter 178: Even If I Don't Go Back To See Him, He Still Eats And Sleeps

Ellena and Edward ate breakfast with the old man and planned to leave.

Before they left, Alfred called out to Ellena, "You stay. I have something to say."

After spending the day together, Ellena felt that Alfred was actually a good person to get along with. He might have a strange temper, but it was not a problem.

Therefore, when she heard that Alfred wanted to talk to her, she did not hesitate and immediately followed him.

Unexpectedly, she was stopped by Edward not long after she took two steps.

Seeing Alfred's expression change, Ellena quickly gave Edward a look and said to him with her lips, "Quickly let go."

Alfred sighed in disappointment. "I just wanted to say a few words to her. Can I eat her?"

"Oh." Edward nodded and let go of Ellena.

Alfred glared at him, as if he wanted to run over and beat him up.

Ellena quickly walked over and helped Alfred into the room.

After entering, Alfred's irritable expression changed and his expression became calm.

"I know you weren't w
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